Gansu insular Finance Department on the appliance, Car , motorbike

Gansu insular Finance Department on the appliance, Car , motorbike economic subsidies to the countryside Friends of farmers caused by a letter from the province Farmer friends: You! The chronicle Council decided to promote the country bringing home appliances And automotive, motorcycle to the countryside to work on the farmers to purchase the specified products and domestic appliances to the countryside auto, bike countryside products to certain financial subsidies, which absolutely reflects the party and the state care for farmers. To facilitate the understanding of farmers across the province this preferential agricultural policy, as soon as possible receive financial subsidies are informed on the mainspring over follows: 1. Subsidies object: a province where agriculture accounts all the way through the length in the domestic appliances to the countryside, from the specified dish out pressure appliances to the countryside to buy the specified products impact the automotive, motorcycle to the nation-state during the period specified in the purchase of products within the province of individuals can observe for subsidies. 2. Implementation time: time for the implementation of home home equipment to the countryside dec 1, 2008 to november 30, 2012; car to the countryside implementation situation through the 2009 March 1 to December 31; motorcycle countryside occasion for the February 1, 2009 to January 31, 2013. 3. Subsidized products: subsidies for products including home appliances to the countryside TV Refrigerators (including freezers), mobile phones, washing machines, computers, air conditioners, water heaters (including storage-type Water Heater , Gas dampen heater, solar water heaters), microwave oven, birth cooker nine categories. Automobile, motorcycle nation-state products included in the represantative of Finance, Ministry of job and Information generation announced the “car and motorcycle manufacturers and product catalog to the countryside” light trucks, mini buses and motorcycles. four. Allowances and quantity: farmers to purchase household appliances to the geographical region 13% of product sales price by subsidies, household appliances to the countryside each type of product responsibility be 2 sets of subsidies. Light truck farmers redemption, required by the relevant express regulations of motor automobiles or low-speed vehicles scrapped three methods on the redemption of argent conduct or mini-bus 10% of the sales price subsidies, retrieval light transfer or mini-bus Unit 5 more than 10,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan offering each. Meanwhile, three-wheeled vehicles scrapped subsidies of 2,000 yuan each, the low-speed vehicles on the argument subsidies to 3,000 dynasty each. Purchase of motorcycles, according to sales price 13% to subsidize the purchase of motor unit primary 5,000 yuan, 650 yuan relief each. Subsidized burning trucks further mini buses each household can buy one. Subsidized the purchase of two motorcycles per household. 5. To apply for subsidies flow: In order to receive financial subsidies to facilitate farmers in a supportive manner, since glorious 15, 2009 onwards, predominance accordance with the provincial financial department “to additional aid the home appliances to the nation-state on the payment processes for illumination of subsidies” (Gan Finance Building [2009] No. 160), a province-wide implementation of sales outlets on-site agent to rap and present subsidies, the farmers in the nation-state to buy home appliances products, you can enjoy financial subsidies, subsidies for superior revenue network and after the re- liquidation of the financial side. For the August 15 products previously bought home appliances to the countryside, but for loads of reasons do not accept subsidies, farmers can still bring ID card, household, household appliances to the countryside power identification analyze and the purchase of home appliances invoice to the local finance replacement subsidies. Farmers to buy minivans and motorcycles, are required to declare the seat of subsidy funds to the account provided by the township cash the following materials: personnel traffic control department of motor automobile driving permit issued or motor automobile registration certificate, motor car income invoice, the residents ID card, residence booklet, book buyers. Redemption Light trucks addition to the dominant materials, discontinued vehicles that need to supply public security and communications cancellation certificates issued by the department of motor vehicles. pacific finance farmers should receive the application materials within 15 working days after the funds leave be allocated to relinquish the acquire of one book. Farmer friends, if you buy appliances to rural locations and automobile, motorcycle countryside problems encountered in product or questions, please call the local financial sector consultation Complaints Phone, also obligatoriness name gansu Provincial capital Department Tel: 0931? 8891116, we will serve you the first time Service . gansu Provincial capital Department & Nb

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