From the date this week, the city farmers consumersBringing home

From the date this week, the city farmers consumersBringing home appliancesProducts do not swear by to go subsequent the finance, banking to acquire subsidies, in the successfulSellNetwork can receive 13% of one-time subsidy payments. 16, the Beijing Municipal Commission of commerce websites "on the reconciliation of cityHome AppliancesSubsidies to low-key areas to honor the work of audit issues related to notice ", revealed the news. Subsidies under the new payment process, the geographical region farmers to purchase household appliances products, ID cards and family registration book to the designated sales outlets, sales outlets to the farmers by the advance price of 13% of total subsidy payments. The hard mentioned since the application procedures for provision funds from the earnings outlets concentrated monopoly the economic sector agency, the financial sector to meet the requirements of the submitted fabric will be in 12 working days notice specifiedFinancialFunds allocated to the income agency business accounts. however do not meet the requirements for disclosure of information, financial sector subsidies are now not settled, the resultant loss from the sale of enterprises themselves. Since February 1 this year, the "home appliances to the countryside" into effect. Farmers to purchase household home equipment to the countryside products, adjust 13% of product price subsidy payments. However, policies and regulations, home appliances to the geographical region in farmers subsidies to consumers to pass on household appliances, the virtue of invoices in accordance to the local financial sector in order to receive, to obtain a more circuitous procedure, which resulted in some farmers consumer appliances to the countryside "is not cold. " Payment techniques juice the implementation of the new, apparently a hit sales companies will increase the workload, but also the problems facing the advance of funds, appliance stores side have been magnetism an interview yesterday, said this approach will actively cooperate. "Since February this year, we affirm arranged a number of ‘bringing home appliances big acknowledge of’ all the way to the scene subsidies can be observed to Shumenshulu."SuningNorth China Electric follower Zhijun, govt president, talked about domestic home equipment to the countryside to subsidize the cost of advance subsection, for the business enterprise entrust not be much financial pressure, and the ready authorities to ensure that schedule withdrawn from circulation. City Business Committee also talked about that in the destiny but also on the home appliances to the countryside Data evaluation tips Management System for normalization, the data for abnormal behavior or suspected fraud up to handle the verification time. Found to inaccuracy up act, should strictly happen the "rules for the alertness home appliances to the countryside" and state regulations, in addition to pursuing financial fraud, but also suitable deposit withholding, disqualification and other measures to punishment, and public notification within a certain range penalty results. "Bringing home appliances subsidy shall apply measures applied on site, the city bringing home appliances sales will reproduce supplementary stimulating." Municipal fee of Commerce Market Director Chen introduced the city to the countryside home appliance items commercial networks, Suning,States United StatesAnd big and medium enterprises and other large mess of 10 outlets invoice for 70% of the overall network, bringing home appliances product earnings accounted considering 50% of the universal number.

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