From can even 15 onwards, farmers moment Hainan rule to

From can even 15 onwards, farmers moment Hainan rule to declare Appliances to the countryside Subsidies do no longer have to personally run by the township and the county important afisr finance, simply purchase the relevant materials to get ready to dispense Network, through discount rates accounts within 10 days can receive subsidies, the whole vitality can equate buttoned trip. discovered from the Department of Commerce’s 14, Hainan state on May 15 introduced the “capital of Hainan Province to subsidize home appliances to the countryside to aggrandizement the work of the implementation of audit approach”, will make a substantial acceleration appliances to the countryside. Variety: from four to nine categories to expand Recently, the represantative of Finance, the consulate of Commerce and distant 11 ministries further commissions collectively formulated the “bringing home appliances operating rules”, increase the intensity of home appliances to the countryside policy implementation. Hainan is also home appliances to the countryside of sixteen simplified subsidy reform pilot program particular of the provinces. Previously included leadership the economic subsidies of home home equipment to the countryside products TV , Refrigerator (Including freezers), Mobile And washing four important categories. But many consumers are reflected in family appliances to the countryside too little product variety. The home home equipment to the countryside to extend the nine categories of products, including color televisions, fridges (including freezers), mobile phones, washing machines, computers, Air conditioning , Water warmers (including storage-type electric water heater, fuel water heater, solar water heaters), microwave oven, Cooker So, the motorcycle has also been included in the list of vehicles to the countryside subsidies. According to Commerce Department statistics, the current sales of appliances to rural areas hold Hainan Province’s rank order for mobile phones, televisions, refrigerators, bathing machines. Analysis of the person, as a convenient and practical capacity of transport, motorcycles cede be hot the next round of sales. Amount: higher cost ceiling Recently, Wenchang City, in Mr. inclination re shangxingzhen excitedly came to town sales outlets, want to buy an LCD TV, unexpectedly bringing home appliances products provides that “color TV’s price ceiling of 2,000 yuan,” the one by much ordinary liquid crystal display television Prices have more than 3,000 yuan. With the improvement of living standards, farmers bringing home appliances products have higher grade and class requirements, price-cap some of the farmers nearly obstructed buying. Under “Implementation Measures”, domestic appliances to the countryside than in the past has increased the price-cap products, 3,500 yuan respectively, colour TV, refrigerators (including freezers) 2,500 yuan, 1,000 yuan phones, washing machines, 2,000 yuan, 2,500 yuan wall air conditioning, floor air-conditioning 4,000 yuan, 1,500 dynasty a storage-type electric water heater, gas water heaters, 2,500 yuan, 4,000 yuan solar bedew heater, computer 3,500 yuan, 1,000 yuan microwave oven, basis cooker 600. Hainan Mido buying and selling Co., Ltd. Account Manager Chen Kui side view, color TV’s price ceiling raised 1,500 yuan, so LCD television items can enter the ranks of home home equipment to the countryside, is expected to be copious growth imprint income of color television. Time: 30 days from taking subsidies stone broke to 10 days “Declaration shall at first have to run hundreds of dollars subsidizing rural finance three or four times, got the money one duration at hand, so I did not go in consequence fathomless to declare subsidies.” A month ago, Mr. Wu, Haikou Town, bought three a phone, a refrigerator, but the incandescent tape to declare him to give up subsidies. Simplified procedures to remove the original audit of township finances, the county finance bureau payment link, to canvass the feat of sales outlets and input subsidies agent information, bland finance besides cash subsidies to confirm the entrance. Sales Network retained product identification card, the purchaser booklet (and I family home page), buyer ID, purchase items invoice, copy of savings account books, and home appliances to the countryside leadership farmers buy the product inside of 3 working life from the clambake of , submitted to the significant township finances. civil finance must be inside 5 working life of the sales outlets to bid a copy of subsidies and related audit information is correct, it will submit relevant materials big idea outlets of rural credit cooperatives; motion shops of rural credit cooperatives ought to be within 2 working days of funds to subsidize allocated to the savings account. “Simplifies the process now takes only 10 days to get subsidy payments, which will allow farmers to buy enthusiasm greatly enhanced.” Economic Operation department of Commerce Director Li Longsheng said.

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