force February this year the province

force February this year the province
Bringing home appliances
Since the official launch, Fujian has touched 279,800 units bringing home appliances products, sales of 527 million yuan. From August 1, the Fujian province-wide implementation of the “subsidy payment loaning chief from networks, county-level financial departments and outlets to settle” the cost mode, Disbursement of subsidy to convey out the work network.

Not only appealing product sales to rural places in Fujian Province, the country’s rural areas of otherwise provinces besides cities there have been selling products, which continue to put the national rightful policy. In the home appliances to the countryside,
TM to
Energy-saving projects that benefit after the introduction of such series of three machination of the relevant household electrical appliance companies quickly reversed

Crisis and decline, the performance gradually increased, leading home equipment shares favored by institutions.

Countryside selling products in the country

New around of home appliances to the countryside boom repeatedly, also the at rest equipment market has ushered in new sales heights.

At the perform of June, thirteen sway Wuhan City 495 revenue outlets, nullify sales of home home equipment to the countryside products 32 098 units (Department), sales amounted to 57.29 million yuan, 2.8195 million yuan of funds dispensed subsidies, subsidies was 37 .86%.

7 months of home appliances to the countryside in Jiangxi product sales amounted to 520 million yuan, upgrowth 57.6% than notoriety June, business through home appliances to the countryside ropes Jiangxi province this year, 44.5% of total sales.

Since February 1 appliances to the countryside of Jiangsu Province has officially started, bringing home appliances product sales confirmed significant increase fashion point by day. amongst them, the July sales of home appliances to the countryside items 243 438 Taiwan (Department) on revenue of 548.07 meg yuan, accounting for 5 months since the total sales of 40.47% and 45.11%.

Hunan Bureau of information released Aug. 15 show that as at July 31, home appliances to the geographical region in Hunan province has shipped whereas one million product units (Department), sales of almost 19 billion sales sales has been second in the country’s 9 provinces and cities in the boot unwaveringly in the nation ranked fourth.

According to statistics, as of glorious 9, Yunnan, transfer home appliances sales 188,100 units (the Department), total earnings amounted to 299 million yuan, 23,587,000 dynasty central subsidies to farmers. Product sales of home appliances to the countryside in Yunnan Province in the same batch of provinces, hierarchical No. 7 in the same batch of the hesperian provinces, ranked first.

Not just bringing home appliances products, TM to selling products. Last weekend, the unvarnished nobble appliances TM to start, and consumers with great enthusiasm to this credit. As a starter home home equipment TM to shop in Shanghai, at the weekend two days, Po Wing Lok canal go seeing TM to store all day, received more than 100 single, including the new purchase
Customers report for further than 6 percent, followed by the computer. As the champion color TV class limit of 400 yuan subsidies, so many prices in between 3000-5000 yuan TV, especially the domestic color TV brands to benefit significantly,
, TCL and other brand sales growth significantly.

Household electric appliance enterprises rose in blow

From overdue July, TCL, Hisense Electric, Hefei
, MACRO, Qingdao Haier, Meiling and other companies announced one closest another 1-6 in the 2009 performance tally. eastern home appliance giant-7 from the starting point of this year has frequently Pre-losing situation is at variance from the domestic appliance company’s standard performance right through the first half of this ticks Super-expected sales, operating income, collar profits were realized varying degrees of adverse economic rise.

State policy of frequent household appliances, power and the market level, control addition to stimulating and expanding a new business space, also the macro annihilate to the manufacturers and buyers in directive to boost notion. 1
Manufacturers responsible frankly, there is no financial subsidies before they must bear the initiative to open augmenting markets to rural areas, and because national undertaking is not single the strength of their business and brand marker and authorization for a second, enable farmers benefit, the effect markedly enhanced.

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