Firestop – Sanders Fire Rated Mortar

Firestop â‚€œ Sanders Fire Rated Mortar

1. Introduction Firestop system is one of the fire protection products uses in the advance aggressive vend. The following is the review of firestop – Sanders fire rated mortar.

Sanders searing rated trebuchet is particularly formulated from gypsum cement, lightweight, aggregates and mixing immunodeficiency to provide the optimum combination of workability, strength and oxidation resistance.

mixed with wet to a suitable consistency, honest sets without shrinking, to construct a rigid, fuel niggardly seal, with sufficient talent for use in load bearing situations.

It amenability be readily cut, or drilled, and resealed, should alteration to the services be made at a looked toward date.

2. Application Firestop, in this case – Sanders fire rated trebuchet is intended for sealing around all types and sizes of pipe-work, cabling besides ducts setting those pass through sleeve, fire walls and floor slabs, etc, post a rigid sealed is required.

It is particularly appropriate for fire-seals in floor slabs besides vertical risers which may predilection to support foot traffic, and for gas-tight, strain resistant seals.

through washable, or chemical resistant application, a special water based dna coating restraint be supplied.

3. normal houses Color â‚€œ off white Expansion on setting 0.1% bpi loose bulk 650 kg/m3 Density rainy cast 1300 â‚€œ 1400 kg/m3 density oven preserved 850 â‚€œ 950 kg/m3 Thermal conductivity 0.2 W/M/ ‚° C destructive gases and volatiles â‚€œ nil Chloride content â‚€œ nil Adhesion to concrete â‚€œ excellent Adhesion to steel/copper â‚€œ good Adhesion to cables â‚€œ good Freeze thaw resistance â‚€œ excellent

4. Crushing Strength Typical value (N/mm2) at 28 days is 11.00 for mortar : water ratio (3:1)

5. Flexural intelligence â‚€œ 1 to 3 N/mm2

6. Load preponderance Capacity in a floor opening – good Recommendations are primarily based on properly installed seals with at least 90% of the intensity poured in a single layer. For large opening, 12mm praise bar at 250 centers is recommended. Optimum reinforcing effect, ditch due regard also for adequate fire coverage of the steel, will impersonate completed by way of embedding the reinforcing bars approximately 30mm above the bottom of the seal.

To aggregate a principal fire rating (Fire performance BS 476 P20),for firestop eg 3 hour or 2 hours, penetration seals must not only maintain Integrity, but also provide Insulation for that period of time, such that the maximal unexposed front coldness rise, on seal and service, is 180 ‚° C, Insulation is, by way of far, the more demanding criterion to meet, and is a function of both the sealing system and the sleety services.

T P Goh is a Project Director with YJ International Pte Ltd, Singapore, ( providing project and development regulation to her subsidies / membersâ‚„ companies. YJ Firestop and Ceiling Pte Ltd (subsidy of YJ International) is chrgeable for all passive fire protection system (for example, firestop, fire rated ceiling / fire rated partition, conflagration rated glass panel, combustion rated glass door, again exploit based design, analysis further assessment


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