European biodiesel manufacturers yesterday brought on a fresh transatlantic trade

European biodiesel manufacturers yesterday brought on a fresh transatlantic trade war by counselling the EU to impose punitive duties on cheap imports from the US.

Low-priced imports of biofuels, as part of the so-called “splash and dash” trade, are inserting multifarious European producers outmost of business, enterprise group the European Biodiesel Board (EBB) claimed.

Their American competitors immediately hit again by urging the federal government to manage action against any protective measures for the European industry.

The tumult comes as oil charges have risen to new highs this week at do to $120 (‚60) a barrel and world cuisine prices have surged, partly due to pressure on land from biofuels production.

The diminution said valid had formally lodged a complaint to the European Commission in that uncalled-for competition from the US that was putting most eu producers out of business.

It is demanding responsibilities on so-called B99 biodiesel exports – biodiesel with 1% petroleum diesel – threat they are unfairly subsidized and then dumped access the EU €” where they trust win new subsidies.

US biodiesel exports are sponsored by improvement to $300 a tonne. Some trading enterprises buy also been shipping biofuels to the US, situation they entail a “splash” of arsenopyrite diesel to accelerate for the subsidy and then send the gasoline back to the ecu.

those exports have risen dramatically since last year, causing what the ebb calls “severe injury” to European producers.

Earlier this month D1 Oils, a leading however loss-making UK producer, stated it could shut all its British refining operations as a direct result of lower-priced imports.

D1 said it hoped to sell the sites and equipment but pointed out the economics of the going were now so poor that it would be lucky to make much on their disposal.

Elliott Mannis, D1 Oils’ chief executive, said it turned into “extremely frustrating” that the company had been forced to bow out of refining because nothing had been done to stop the deluge of B99 biodiesel from the US. “It’s an unbelievable situation and there is no end in sight,” he added.

Brussels sources indicated that the EBB had a strong prima facie case. It is understood that Peter Mandelson, ecu trade commissioner, and Susan Schwab, the US civic trade representative, have engaged crowded talks on the turn up but failed to reach a deal.

Mandelson’s spokesman said: “We’ve had extensive contacts with the diminution over several months. We’re glad that they have finally submitted their ask and bequeath examine it thoroughly, pursuing the turn out vigorously with the US. We will no longer tolerate unfair trade.”

But Manning Feraci, vice-president of federal affairs at the family Biodiesel Board pressure the US, said: “It is hypocritical whereas the EBB to cry maleficent although they benefit from a full livelihood barrier.”

EU biodiesel fuel requirements were unrightful and breached World Trade company rules, he said, menacing to lodge a counter-complaint with Schwab.

The EU besides US are started embroiled in several high-profile and long-standing calling wars, including over beef and poultry imports from America, genetically modified seeds also meals and, superior all, subsidies whereas rival plane-makers Airbus and Boeing.

This latest row comes as the US is stepping up biodiesel stretch as an antidote to dependence on imported crude, while the EU is having second thoughts about its focus of using biofuels for 10% of transport fuels by 2020 because of the impact on food prices and land use.

The commission has 45 days to examine the EBB complaint and a further nine months to impose provisional duties €” unless Mandelson further Schwab, desperately but forlornly trying to quicken the stalled Doha round of WTO talks on work liberalization, authority reduce a deal.

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