Driven by the rapture to reduce dependence on fossil fuels

Driven by the rapture to reduce dependence on fossil fuels again a generous Federal tax credit, solar energy also wind power have experienced explosive growth in the past few years. In 2008 alone the grid-tied solar PV sell (solar electricity) grew via 81% adding 131 megawatts to the grid.

During the same year the market for small nix turbines – those ensconce capacities of 100 kW also under grew 78% in 2008 with an additional 17.3 MW (megawatts) of installed capacity.

Although both photo voltaic and wind energy enjoyed spectacular growth in 2008, the number of megawatts contributed by wind installations was dwarfed by the contribution from solar.

The meditate as this anomaly lies string the fact that only 13% of U S households have entry to adequate wind resources to make an investment in wind power wad off.

1. Both of these alternative happening systems are at the whim of nature. nothingness kills a wind turbine’s production like the canine days of summer. For solar PV, the limitations to boon production are outdoor temperature, cloud-cover, site elevation, and shadows from close by objects.

2. The 30% Federal energy tax credit, which expires , applies to each systems. Rebates also tax incentives from individual states could reduce your final cost by an additional 20%.

Here’s a tip: If your construe doesn’t quote some type of subsidy for a small wind system they’re probably trying to tell you something.

3. In addition to replacing the power from your utility at a inevitable price for 20 agedness or more, as much as 90% of the value of your investment in wind or solar, including installation costs, may be delivered to the value of your home. certain beats the stock market.

If you are interested rule solar energy, a good location to start is learning about the different types of photovoltaic solar panels.

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