Dongguan New rules: once falsely claimed benefits, eligibility finding will

Dongguan New rules: once falsely claimed benefits, eligibility finding will be lifted within 3 years Towns weight non-government agencies, once the use of led lighting products, the maximum subsidy may reach 10 million yuan. 14, the municipal supremacy issued a “Dongguan LED lighting demonstration project subsidies Interim Measures,” considerable news release. amount of subsidies: the maximum not exceeding 10 million yuan Regulations, economic subsidies or an object is the cities in government agencies, business organizations to implement again the implementation period of no longer more than 3 year of LED lighting products, demonstration projects, including roads, squares, abyssal car parks, tunnels, office buildings, commercial Tower. The city has addicted financial participation or input over-funded projects, not included in the play of this approach to target subsidies. “Measures” on the LED supplier to do the special requirements?? LED lighting products to epitomize included in “Dongguan Preferential Procurement list of products”; LED lighting products suppliers and supplier price agreements should be generated through the bidding so. criteria besides amount of subsidy, the government will choose each of the key areas related to the feat of for show initiatives in groups, municipal cash connections accordance with an approved 10% of the price of LED lamps subsidies; non-government agencies, enterprises to participate in exposition projects and procurement of standards prepare in Dongguan, according to led lamps for 30% of the price subsidies. Single project lamps below the damage 10 million yuan, the highest financial subsidies no further than 300 million; single assignment total lamps million to 50 million yuan effect 1000 between, financial subsidies up no more than 600 million; single project the total light more than 50 meg yuan, the highest financial subsidies no longer more than 10 million yuan. Approval of: 3 years, falsely claimed benefits admitted eligible for cancellation of Approach, said in quest and September each year the application is accepted, the ones who are willing to apply may submit written materials in triplicate by the metropolis Council approval to evacuation Municipal urban Management Bureau of Business and Technology received the window. The demonstration project included consequence the annual implementation plan of the project, due to the implementation period of six months can now not buy for completed, the Municipal hash again era Bureau cede now not accept applications for benefits. Science further Technology afisr together duck the municipal urban power bureau diode lighting products for subsidized demonstration tasks are reviewed to determine the list of projects and the amount to be subsidized, besides sent to Finance Bureau for compare notes. for violations of financial discipline, false, impersonator, interception, misappropriation, misuse of special funds financed behavior, once discovered, the municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau and the Municipal Finance Bureau to take depending on the importance notification to remove the project and to pursue assignment funding, 3 all through the year of eligibility and will be canceled and the accountable people of their unhealthy faith to include the inventory of processing; constitute a crime shall be handed over to seasonable organs. Related News 32 Towns in receiving energy assessment Awards failed leadership is not saving 2009 is over, but the 32 Towns in the energy evaluation has just begun. Yesterday, the municipal government made public, “Towns power 2009, Dongguan City agility assessment stir program” (hereinafter referred to as: “Programme”). “Program” clearly stand owing to the energy evaluation repercussion 2009 clout the Towns mark fraud, once verified, the exam results will be considered incomplete grades will be criticized, besides the responsible personnel shall be authoritative responsible according to discipline. way provides assessment out of 100 points. Total score is divided into four classes: over-complete (95 points and above), fulfill (eighty points also above), basically completed (60 points and above), now not completed (60 points or less) four grades. With the result in that the outstanding level of Towns in the leading cadres shall not participate in the annual awards, a title of honor, etc., to droop the towns in New City, energy-intensive projects for the record, approval further approval. If no longer in area by the rectification, the municipal supervision department shall be investigated according to the relevant responsible persons of the town street duty.


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