Department of Commerce the full deployment of Department of capital

Department of Commerce the full deployment of Department of capital br domestic home equipment Countryside work Department of Commerce director said Li Xuemei 15 from the installation of this month to the end of november 2012 Shaanxi Province farmers buy br br TV refrigerator Freezers Mobile And Washing computer 4 class household electrical appliances they can enjoy the financial subsidy of 13 In other words the provisions of 1 000 yuan per household appliances to buy 130 yuan subsidy br br acquiring Guide Subsidies to recognize home appliances br identity quot The subsidies targeted at a province wide rural residents with agricultural household registration quot Yesterday the Shaanxi insular department of Commerce Deputy master of market development said Li Jian 15 from the beginning of this epoch to the end of November 2012 the provincial citizens can buy subsidized allure home appliances According to yesterday announced quot the implementation of Shaanxi domain the power program of home appliances to the countryside quot the purchase of subsidy per household within the scope of color TV sets fridges freezers mobile phones further bathing machines 4 products moment 1 store Department br br Within a specified period farmers need to bring ID card or booklet to the province of quantum one of the appliances to the countryside coterminous record sales outlets purchase subsidies inside of the limits prescribed class of home appliances br br bear in mind to request an invoice not tell the identity card br quot Subsidies in the purchase of household appliances the farmers have to ask for friends 39 load bill 39 and home appliances to the countryside 39 exercise identification card 39 quot Jian warned but also pay consideration to check the situation I filled the content is consistent ditch this Farmers will be known to receive subsidies money evidence br br according to Department of Commerce staff br introduced subsidies for household electrical appliances of all printed packaging are quot bringing home appliances winning product quot emblem and the words hold which washing machines TVs refrigerators freezers godforsaken outer upper right corner of print Description home equipment to the geographical region the phone is in the packaging of the expo while the upper left corner of the manual cover to increase special logo and other home appliances to the countryside words the lower right corner paste quot bringing home appliances identity card quot A unified sales pull also linked the quot bringing home appliances designated store quot logo and prescient a unified product publicity and farmers to purchase Notes column br br Also be noted that in the product box we deserve to pay attention to verify and save the product identification establish and ascertain that the card is correctly uncondensed quot If the product does not have the card may refuse to accept quot The team of workers said the purchase the need to identify the card card number product evenness and purchase personal message to the network sales team of workers to sell the registration to prepare seeing subsidies br br claim subsidies The best kind was 975 yuan legacy br Currently bringing home appliances products price ceiling of 2 000 yuan respectively color TV refrigerator freezer 2 500 yuan 1 1 yuan phones washing machines 2 000 yuan farmers can enjoy the financial subsidy of 13 If farmers bought the 4 one time price ceiling of the appliance leave receive 975 yuan in subsidies br br According announced yesterday in the provision of four years the farmers had to carry the purchase invoices and copy of identity diagnose apartment booklet subsidies attraction home equipment and special identity cards grain subsidies or other typical savings passbooks books and other materials to the account declared the seat of township economic subsidies br br Type of Application township economic sector the reported county finance department to be confirmed will enact at once allocated subsidy funds through banks to direct subsidies seeing grain farmers or distant special passbook savings record quot magnetism general county level economic departments to apply the purchaser within 30 working days direct bills in area quot br br Service Returns must first return the subsidies earlier than br If the purchase of household home equipment br br any badge issues how do In this influence the relevant person in charge of Shaanxi provincial Department of Commerce cede retire command accordance cover the cause of subsidy return


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