December 1, the Ministry of Agriculture Agricultural equipment Management breach

December 1, the Ministry of Agriculture Agricultural equipment Management breach Investigator Lisi Hua told this reporter: As of November 30, inland 13 billion yuan Agricultural machinery purchase of all subsidies father in place, subsidies for agricultural machinery and tools were further than 3.43 million pieces (sets), benefiting more than 3 million households. The Ministry of Agriculture officials said, started aboriginal this year, implementation of subsidy policies, progress rapidly, driven by the subsidies, farmers purchase enthusiasm, agricultural supply and demand very well, the feat of effective weight raising the level of China’s rural machinery and equipment to speed up agricultural computerization process, promote steady development of agriculture and farmers play an important role imprint sustainable income. Subsidy policy more valuable in solo fell swoopOfficial said, farmers and business in general reflecting, farm equipment purchase tip is a good party policy, this policy became implemented to benefit farmers, businesses may benefit, the government was the people. according to the Ministry of Agriculture, this year has false farm machinery purchase hand-me-down policy more effective good results in one fell swoop. Substantially amass the total agricultural subsidies to promote the quick growth, optimize the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment. According to latest statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture, this year’s family gross rural machinery is expected to reach 875 million kilowatts, an increase of 6.4%. Subsidy budget to the relevant Key Links also mobile production of major crops and tilt, endowment machinery, harvesting machinery, tillage to machinery, plant equipment also fertilizer subsidies subsidies accounted for 45.27%, respectively, 23.39%, 12.65%, 5.7%, rice transplanter, harvester, grain harvester, large and medium tractors use subsidies reached 7.74 billion yuan, accounting in that 59.53% of funds conclude been implemented. Which, massive further medium tractors, rice transplanter, combine the holdings of 344 million is expected, 25 million, 85 meg units, respectively, space on tempo ensue of 14.9%, 25.8%, 13.96%, of which maize Combine Of holdings is expected to reach 88,000 units, an increase of 86.95%. Substantial accrue subsidies to speed up the process of agricultural mechanization, increased agricultural production capacity. This year, mechanized farming income torpedo is expected to 48.5%, higher than in 2008 increased 2.65 percentage points better than before the implementation of farm machinery purchase subsidy for 2003 increased 16 percent, an increase of more than 2.6 percentage points for four consecutive years. The weak hyperlinks in the leading cuisine crops speed up the development slay of mechanization, corn plane area received 15% more than last year, corn pick in Shandong Province to achieve a breakthrough mechanized, machine income level will be more than 50%. enviornment of the familiar rice machine income increased by means of 15%, 14.6% increase in computing device transplanted area. Official said, a capacious increase in subsidies effectively excite demand pressure rural areas, advertise development of agricultural machinery industry and services. This year, despite the international financial crisis, but 13.0 billion driven by central government subsidies and direct financial investment to promote local levels to reach 1.6 1000000000 yuan, farmers put up 34 1000000000 yuan. Agricultural market is Pin Selling deal in in advance of the situation, agricultural stress is darling. 1 October this year, industrial organisations above designated length agricultural output value of 187.25 billion yuan, up 23.3%, an increase in Machinery Industry 13 the forefront of the industry.

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