Current rural Machinery Problems purchase subsidies further policy recommendations 2004

Current rural Machinery Problems purchase subsidies further policy recommendations 2004 Central Document No. 1 will betoken farm machinery acquire honorarium special into the homely “three subsidies, the two relief” in policy implementation to support and benefit agriculture nearly 6 years, in optimizing the equipment, structure, improve the mutilate of rural development, promote agricultural stability development and sustenance rural incomes has played a significant function. most advantageous Wen Jiabao’s government work report this year, announced in 2009, farm machinery purchase subsidy scale to a hundred thirty billion yuan, an increase of 90 billion rural bonus range covers all counties (farms). For this policy of reaping benefits the agriculture, farmers are quite welcome, but according to our survey, the current subsidies seeing rural machinery and tools there are still some issues to be solved, need to bring measures to address them. Analysis of current problems ?? rural subsidies for the quota First, some places subsidies, coverage is not extensive. Currently required, the main optimal circumstances for the buyer: huge grain, nurture large, apiarist Cooperation Organizations, farmers cooperatives, agricultural cooperatives, as places are limited subsidies, subsidies to acquire a large part of the farmers needs are not met, and the quiz is greater than supply string some areas and priorities through subsidies under the terms of the amount of subsidies subsidies audit to determine the object, through right seeking to leave some area. Second, subsidies less models. Alternative models present a single, small room for farmers to choose, easy to form a monopoly supplier. Because fewer types of equipment subsidies, some counties and cities appear to force recommended subsidies to farmers machinery, transcendent to subsidize farmers not to buy the accessories. Similarly, a large take in of farmers to acquire agricultural machinery and tools for economic advancement of mountainous areas still can not build the central, provincial purchase directory, not the central and provincial capital subsidies. Third, subsidies sufficiently broad in own accord. From a large sift of farmers and agricultural situation, 80% of the range of agricultural machinery and tools that subsidies are highly small, should increase the superiority of agricultural products processing machinery. Current national focus on the advertising of wheat, corn and distinctive basic crops, “cultivation, harrowing, sowing, harvesting, removal, fertilization,” dairy machinery and in fact, a bundle of cheap agricultural crops additionally need subsidies, such as tobacco, peanuts and cotton. Fourth, subsidies, agricultural products further some of the central besides western mass counties can not herd. Current national and provincial government subsidies to develop the Agricultural equipment purpose catalog, further more reference to plain areas, developed areas of rural mechanization level of development and natural situations to develop, less poverty-stricken full areas to believe a fresh regular adverse natural conditions, aquacultural environment, and farmers relative poverty level of economic development. Subsidies for agricultural products mostly medium-sized, mainly higher prices of agricultural products, stand-alone price of a few million to tens of thousands. These medium-sized agricultural machinery for the style and oil go plains, mountains and fresh mountains not meet the poverty, land less, Tiankuai unlevel homely conditions, can not convey the innate is still relatively backward rural mechanization level, but also far beyond the actual proper farmers affordability. ? Subsidies to agricultural prices First, the price of alike products among the different provinces and towns area. considering agricultural development around the economic strength varies in different parts of the selected products in the quantity of subsidies enjoyed are not the same. If a drag (Luoyang) Mitac Construction Machinery restricted small-scale agricultural WLY3.5-60X Excavator Product subsidies network the quantity of Shanxi Province, 19,350 yuan, and in Liaoning Province was 19,700 yuan of subsidies. This situation appears reselling equipment. Second, subsidies machinery and equipment of non-subsidized price difference. And for the same equipment, subsidies and non-subsidized prices are different, leading to circulation issues in the product pricing. Now as a product being sponsored price also the vend price two prices, trained will be reselling the shift of equipment subsidies, alter the market rule. Third, agricultural subsidies, the prices are generally higher than non-subsidized equipment empire. in accordance to a survey, of the same product, the price of sponsored high, non-subsidized price is melancholy. Just want to enjoy state subsidies, the price must go development to buy. If farmers to low prices of other dealers and not rural bureau designated distribution points to buy, you can not enjoy state subsidies.

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