Consumers for a long timeHome AppliancesTM toFinally began yesterday, signs,

Consumers for a long timeHome AppliancesTM toFinally began yesterday, signs, again Beijing’s 9 provinces again cities in the lead were the ace to start, the communicator found out from the provincial department of commerce, Jiangsu work, are being, carried out last week, home appliances, "TM" collection agencies andSellBusiness tenders, the outcome of these two life will be issued. Several companies bid terrifically optimistic shoulder estimation, this month, Nanjing people should express able to enjoy the country "TM" the subsidy. "TM" scene is strikingly simple Reporter from Beijing won the bid appliance "TM" collection and understanding of qualifiedSuningElectrical learned, according to Beijing’s implementation of the program, client participation in TM to process very simple, as long as the call point line recycled, recycling companies will visit Jiujia Dian, and home appliances TM to certificates issued to consumers. Harbor has enabled consumers to the successful sale of business documents can be designated by the State TM to buy goods and enjoy the subsidy. In Beijing, a mutilate of 16 home appliance home appliance recycling companies also 15 sales agencies bid, and 16 recycling businesses, including four home appliance manufacturers, 7 home equipment sales business, four professional appliance recycling business, a dismantling business. 15 sales companies in addendum to four large home appliance chain, and 3 branch stores, there are eight home appliance manufacturers, consumers entrust not worry about recycling and the purchase of businessMonopolyCan be fully shop around. The charge results in Jiangsu will be reflected this. Jiu Jiadian restoration of lower prices It is reported that, according to Beijing’s approach, consumers can follow through TM to a double subsidy, that is, in supplement to state subsidies of 10% outside the domestic appliance recycling business but also on the recovery of the Jiu Jiadian pay. Just a smooth bit lower price recovery Jiu Jiadian assessment, recovery does not transact significance account the flourish of the appliance, basically to size, model designated as the standard uniform.TVThe recovery of compensation to a acute fine, and only 90. AndWashing machineUniform pricing is 85 yuan. So how much of city people can follow through subsidies? Nanjing Business Bureau customer goods Circulation rudder Zhou Jing dishware said that as the province’s feat details swallow not yet introduced, so heartfelt became not hard to respond. The power side that Jiujia Dian lower prices have recovered the main reasons for the recall Jiu Jiadian no longer circulate into the secondary market, but unified by the dismantling dismantling enterprises, and considering the formal dismantling greatly of the loss-making enterprises, so not a high price. according to the Ministry of Commerce of the notification, and Jiangsu have completed the implementation particulars of the draft, so only a formal issue. Consumers want to concur fresh transparent Will soon enjoy appliance "TM" subsidies, crowded consumers desire to buy home appliances are very happy. However, some people worry that frequent home appliances are owing to inside the store price and the final cost is different, consumers reckon on much bargaining room, "TM" after the consumer will lose room for bargaining so, the state subsidies are not equivalent to the understanding of enterprises, can not let the "TM" in the home appliance prices more transparent. This, the business sector concerned that this need not worry acutely much about, successful motion is not a 2, a consumer restraint "shop around", choose the most costly channels to buy.

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