considering of September 24, nobble dealt with 1,556 copies of

considering of September 24, nobble dealt with 1,556 copies of old cars out of subsidies for materials, updates the purchase of new cars 1,521 units, the quantity of government subsidy of 770 yuan, an average of 4,950 dynasty per subsidy.

september 27, according to Xinhua News Agency reported, held here from 26 ropes the “car suspicion the community, lift to the home – nobble searching Festival new automotive policy advisory services” activities that in the past three months, the Shanghai accumulatively 0.33 , more than 500 vehicles independent of old car to pay 7.7 million yuan to subsidize protection.

in accordance to the Shanghai business committee, since June 1 “in Shanghai to encourage renovation of old cars out of subsidies for period in-between Measures” and the regal 10, “Rules for the feat of Shanghai Automotive Trade-” since the implementation of old automobiles out of the update to carry outmost a good, relevant applications collect month by month. As of September 24, the metropolis bought six points, a total of 1,556 received updated copies of old cars outmost of subsidies for materials, purchase of new vehicles 1,521 units, sales income of 270 million yuan, 178,000 dynasty on average each; juice subsidies the amount of 770 million yuan, an average of 4,950 yuan per subsidy.

Shopping Festival in Shanghai, the new policy consultatory functions on-site vehicle activities, the Shanghai Automotive Business Council published the relevant countryside policy, which states: from 09 Nian 1 March to 31 December, farmers in the city of shanghai will be three wheel motor car or low-speed vehicles scrapped and the redemption of a light haul vehicle, or purchase a 1.3-liter and the following displacement micro-buses, can enjoy relevant subsidies.

Pairs of low-speed vehicles will be three vehicles or light vehicles breaking down and redemption, the redemption of light trucks by means of 10% of revenue price subsidies, recovery price of lambent trucks of more than 50,000 yuan, a characteristic subsidy per bequest 5 , 000 yuan. Meanwhile, 3 cars or low-speed vehicles scrapped the quota subsidies, subsidies scrapped three cars per 2,000, scrapped subsidized by low-speed vehicles per 3,000.

Right to check mini-buses, according to the sale price of 10% of the subsidies; to buy mini-bus unit of more than 50,000 yuan, a fixed subsidy per subsidy 5,000.

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