Concern of 3.0 billion agricultural subsidies was finally settled. "The

Concern of 3.0 billion agricultural subsidies was finally settled. "The use of funds will advance to implement the innate approach, subsidies and processes project the same mode of operation." Ministry of Agriculture Agricultural equipment Management Division concerned on September 16 notoriety the interview with our communicator said. 9 15 18:39 hours, the Ministry of Agriculture released its very website, "a really good vocation on the second batch of 2009, the implementation of farm machinery purchase oblation budget for emergency notification" ("the Notice"), calling on the full play a cash government purchase the second batch of 3.0 billion agricultural subsidies effectiveness. Our reporter was informed, one by the National advancement and gain strength Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, envoy of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Science and Technology, People’s Bank and other six ministries also commissions to take part in the drafting of the document has been completed. 30 Taimulakai "We have been prerogative and the Ministry of Finance to communicate the hope relief funds issued as soon as possible." amanuensis of cultivation rural Mechanization discipline Integrated relief researcher Li Sihua September 17 on the China Industry skinny newshounds that have been issued force the 10 billion yuan of subsidies on the basis, the second batch of 3.0 billion subsidy finances have been officially issued, the current related work is in fact underway. Purchase subsidies, as the operation of departments, the embassy of Agriculture on September 15 issued a "notice" that the in a position authorities at all degrees of agricultural technology from the global and political height, and further strengthen the cast of responsibility, will exhibit the second sort of 3.0 billion implementation of subsidies, as the trite priority of Agricultural Mechanization work to ensure that subsidies to farmers to implement the letter. Reporter has learned that the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of central on December 26 last year issued a "farm machinery purchase presentation in 2009 to implement the program," further issued the first faction of 10 billion yuan purchase of agricultural subsidies, programs and investment appointed to determine much earlier time than usual. 3.0 billion in subsidies has not yet issued, the Ministry of Agriculture, rural Mechanization Management Division, said the people responsible for the feat well in advance to arrange and support agricultural producers reveal production and to develop products in advance Pin Plan to ensure timely beginning of funds once in place, organized and implemented immediately. Lisi Hua instructed this communicator that the average hopping in agricultural production has progressed, the feat of good agricultural 3.0 billion purchase of subsidy funds to extra stimulate domestic demand, accelerating mechanization of agriculture, promote steady advancement of agriculture and farmers continued to increase significant. Market ushered in a small peak"In the 3.0 billion unflinching by subsidies, agricultural market will peak in a new round of selling." dishware First dozer community Co., Ltd. Marketing Information Center Director Zhen-De Liu on September 17, said the reporter, according to the scale and capital sales in past years, the next peak is rooted much less than sales in the premium half of this trick. "Very utopian approximately this year’s market situation." Feng Ling, Jiangsu Modern Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. Marketing Minister Li Xiaobin September 17 also told this reporter that in behest to cope with the upcoming season, the company operating at full capacity for production, ahead of schedule and a half continuance of 2000 sets the task of feeding combines offline. "Our assignment has been achieved the production of the year, and now an additional 400 devices of stab tasks."


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