“COBRA” is frequently confused by our employees as being a

“COBRA” is frequently confused by our employees as being a type of insurance that employees can cram in succeeding their termination. In fact, “COBRA” is simply the name of the law that allows for the continuation of the insurance that the employee was enrolled on during their employment – the accurate same plan, with the exact same advantages. asp only applies to group insurance, not personal insurance, besides has very strict rules governing eligibility, enrollment, communication and payment. Many companies advance a third party vendor just to oversee the administration process, seeing physical can be quite burdensome.

Reviewing the Basics
Eligibility for the continuation of fitness benefits can be triggered in a variety of ways:

Loss of employment (voluntary or involuntary)
Change weight work status (reduction in hours worked)
Change in dependent’s age/status (dependent is no longer a heavy duty time student, or is over the allowed age goal for coverage)
Change in wedding status (divorce)

If the eligible person is the employee, they presuppose the opportunity to continue their group coverage for up to 18 months. They must enroll in the lined up stunt they have been enrolled in as an employee (i.e. they cannot select a changed plan because bodily is cheaper). They can only change plans at the renewal or induce enrollment of the plan.
If the eligible person is a dependent (agnate as a spouse, ex-spouse or child), they take it the opportunity to continue the coverage for up to 36 months.
Administration Guidelines
The basic guidelines now COBRA administration are as follows:

Eligible person has 60 days from the rally of the cobra letter to submit application/paperwork to enroll
Payment must be submitted within 45 days of entering election, or insurance commit not equate activated 
Once enrolled, payments are due on the 1st of the bit for that month
30 day grace length on payments, if payment is no longer received, coverage is terminated

Recent Developments
Over the beyond year, President Obama has signed the ARRA (American Reinvestment also Recovery organize) and amendments to the Act that have allowed employees (who were involuntarily terminated from their employment) to receive a subsidy for their asp incomparable. These changes to the COBRA law have required employers to send external dispatch to employees who have terminated and also can be eligible considering the subsidy.


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