China’s wind aptitude equipment businesses is gaining the support of

China’s wind aptitude equipment businesses is gaining the support of the national real money. 8 20, the Ministry of Finance issued “Wind Power Equipment Industry Interim Measures due to administration of Special Funds” (the “Rules”), made clean the central budget of wind power equipment industry standards and the special funds of the acquiesce funds range, and wind power equipment manufacturers on a direct cash bonus given. “In the past by and large notoriety terms of animus support, this closely this fall, shows void power industry has truly gone sufficient attention from relevant at ease ministries, the development of shutout knack is expected to open a numerous era.” 21, of Great Wall Securities Members Zhang Lin to touch a high opinion of the Ministry of Finance. According to note that this subsidy will megawatt (MW) machine manufacturers, the central force will give the first 50 six hundred devices / kW subsidy. In the proposition arrangement, desktop manufacturers and key components manufacturing 50% each, the opening components brands impact cooperation with the cost of subsidies in principle, the proportion of the amount determined, focused and to the converter Bearing Business tilt. The Ministry of central issued direct subsidy policy, the ministries in a number of previous occasions speaking to advertise the development of China’s wind adeptness equipment market promises to be honored. National Development besides Reform Commission, Energy Research Institute, Centre for Renewable reaction Development Director Wang Zhongying early in the week when interviewed, said the National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance are working on wind turbine desktop with parts trumped-up in assist programs, “or will own highbrow assets rights of wind machine motors and parts manufacturing to financial support.” Zhang sculpturer of the Ministry of Finance put in special funds aimed at megawatt-class wind turbine, the main consideration of this level has become the mainstream of the international market while China has 600kW and 750kW wind Although generator meet production capability, however with an independent manufacturer of MW capacity wind turbine brands numbered, “implied by fiscal policy aid to upgrade the wind intelligence industry mean.” To present the two cities in phrases of wind ability equipment companies, leading firms Goldwind (002202.SZ), dishware Rui Steel (002204.SZ), Dongfang Electric (600875.SH) are magnetism line with the represantative of Finance that a threshold. As the three companies could produce 1.5 megawatt turbines, and production capacity can reach 50 or more, as a calculation base, the three companies will receive forty five million yuan in subsidies. Calculated according to reports, the subsidies report for Goldwind first 2 net profit of 31%, accounting for acerbic steel in the first half net profit of China’s 78%, accounting owing to Dongfang Electric’s net worth 11%. “Although 45 million yuan and the number is not large, but this time in the form of direct cash subsidies to more than April’s tax policy on capital transfer fresh operational.” State ablaze Securities analyst Zhang Shuai that a large number of recent Development and Reform fee through wind know-how task approval, the nothingness power industry will have a long increase period. Ministry of Finance, this policy offers, industry parts manufacturers, machine manufacturers will receive benefits, state support for individualizing cipher power industry will be very firm. 2007, China’s nullity competence installed capacity of 3.28 meg kilowatts new, growth rate of 147%, 20% achieved whereas three years ahead of the 2010 five meg kilowatts of wind power installed capacity target. From this, the National development and Reform fee on March 18 issued a “renewable energy development” 11th Five-Year “plan” in the original 2010 national total installed capacity of wind dexterity limelight to reach 5 meg kilowatts, increased to 10 million kilowatts. “However, this figure may be underestimated.” China Renewable Energy arrangement zippo Energy Professional Committee of Vice-Chairman Shi Pengfei view is that, according to today’s put in capacity, 10 million kilowatts of tasks can be completed this year may be expected to National wind power installed potentiality in 2010 bequeath reach 20 meg kilowatts. “Of course, the cash nature of the subsidies is a peerless step, but the next step is more important is the development of technological progress, price mechanism of rationalization, tax subsidies and so on.” Zhang Lin seeing example, direct subsidies for the plain fiscal Fan enterprise is based on national needs, the practice of foreign mature, the more subsidies to the demand side of the home or commotion users, so as to promote the demand market.

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