Channel Recommended heating cooling products to enter the pile hot

Channel Recommended heating cooling products to enter the pile hot accessory items gt gt Luoyang City is rich in water resources wet resources development in the northern cities Heat grill Air conditioning Has a unique advantage Promote construction of national Energy directly Recently Lantern Real estate development Lantern companies in the development of actual estate projects the International Building used to bedew Source heat pump air conditioning system the insular department of Finance received the sans pareil document 980 thousand yuan financial subsidies this is the first time drag Luoyang enterprises such subsidies A private true property company as a result of of the use of the picture to promote energy saving technologies for financial subsidies which raise the water source heat pumps use desirable luoyang was the first water source heat pump assignment grants quot This is 980 thousand yuan is only half the subsidies we get another 980 a million yuan access the project closest completion of acceptance can be appropriated quot Lantern said Yang Bin general manager of real estate development company The Ministry of Finance website the Ministry of Finance the Ministry of Construction on the second can be Renewable Energy Publication construction applications demonstration tasks which ranked Lantern International Building demonstration area of 24 500 square meters can get 80 dynasty per square meter subsidy Municipal Construction Commission Technology Education Chief of Huang Xin introduced in 2006 the consulate of Finance Ministry of Construction force order to brighten construction of renewable energy applications nationwide infancy ropes batches on vanity projects to examine the economic assistance It is understood that part of the homey spoliate of 21 such projects receive state subsidies including 7 projects in Henan Province Luoyang city indivisible this one item particular coupled collect economic and social benefits reserve financial development and people Life Raise the zap of civic buildings and residential heating cooling has become a common fervor so water source heat pump 39 s energy efficiency in the end expression With this issue the reporter with the plumbing Project Lee Yoon sweltry Lantern division to international Building work Process site visits On the 6th floor of the engineering methods within a model there are 3 black lines since to the living room dining room bedroom and bathroom respectively water pipes condensation return pipes and water pipes importance the breathing room dining room bedroom installation within a Fan skein Unit Equivalent to the end of the chief air conditioning equipment Lee Yoon hong introduced water source rapid oxidation pump works by the heat published from the deep or soak up oxidation from the ground which is the source of its energy Because groundwater is the constant coldness so cooling the building when the heat transfer through the heat demand groundwater the use of temperature difference can reach 17 heating time the groundwater heat pump transfers heat to the building by material the favor of temperature difference can reach eleven on this basis supplemented by power not only makes full use of groundwater commotion however additionally to achieve 100 of groundwater recharge so water source heat pump in the outstanding advantages of energy saving is classy belief conditioning Boiler Alternatives Lee Yoon hong said the use of water source heat pump iciness heating costs per plead meter in line with day up 0 12 dynasty lower than Central heating 0 16 yuan summer cooling costs per square meter per day changed into 0 066 yuan and 0 09 yuan much less than half the use of stock central air conditioning costs By the central air conditioning calculation of normal life for 25 years compared not tell the conventional system Lantern International Building more than 300 000 yuan a year to save electricity the device lifetime can be about 23 000 plenty blackdamp emission reduction achieved financial and social benefits of coupled harvest Water source heat pumps use a bright destiny Environmental protection and sustainable development is to maintain the operative advancement of dishware 39 s economic premise

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