Cancel Appliances to the nation-state cost ceiling has been constant

Cancel Appliances to the nation-state cost ceiling has been constant calls for tenderVariety inadequate price ceiling of the farmers choice…… This is a day by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and other units, consisting of home Appliances Inspection team in rural areas of policy implementation in yunnan investigation concluded. Wangkai Liang, deputy director of Yunnan insular Department of Commerce, said business sector reputation province Province put forward many constructive suggestions. Appliances to rural areas of scheme implementation supervision action starts, the acceptance inspection of the area was home appliances to the countryside after the allowance payment rate ranking by the low purchase price besides the 100 provinces, Yunnan is located in one. Went to the inspection teams found in Yunnan, home appliances to the nation-state policies generally welcomed by local farmers. however the inspection teams also found that, because of time ameliorations in geography and environmental conditions, Yunnan Province, home appliances work impact the countryside, crackerjack are still some problems, as lack of rural enterprise variety, price ceilings affected farmers to choose the affiliate of products, local governments stint the plan expenses, agriculture-related groups system be incorporated thing the countryside, should substitute strengthened juice remote, played out areas such guidance. Commerce department data showed home appliances to the countryside activities experienced in the first 2 of the high-growth, sales have been skillful for two serial months further Sell Rapid decline in the amount of the situation. Meanwhile, the cancellation of home appliances to the countryside has been consistent calls for bid price ceiling, while the ministry of money has also disclosed the responsible person, cancel the tender price ceiling program appliances to the countryside has been stated to the State Council, is in the approval process stage. General Affairs Department of the represantative of Commerce insiders are clearly pointed out, domestic appliances to the countryside will be "ironclad abrogation price ceiling." As of August 31, Yunnan Province, home appliances were sold 233,300 units to rural areas, the crush sales of 376 million yuan, in the same batch of western provinces in the second column, cash subsidies to 30.9824 million yuan due to farmers. but compared with an average of a hundred million yuan consistent with instant in Yunnan subsidies to reserve for the cash hand-me-down data is not satisfactory. The reason, generally there are a number of aspects: First, 13% of the allowances attractive sufficient. Farmers living in mountainous locations of Yunnan large quantities of some mountain farmers to buy several hundred dollars Cooker Only tens of dollars of subsidies, present is not enough he went to town to buy round-trip fare home appliances, natural enthusiasm is now not finest. Second, price ceiling narrow range of options to farmers. Cai Lu, Kunming, a village farmer, surnamed Li, told reporters that the appliances do not like subsidies, subsidized home appliances do not like, so would rather spend the extra central to buy like, also not backed. There is also cumbersome application procedures, subsidies and other reasons varieties supply interrupted. Fact, these issues, Yunnan, business, chief besides contrastive departments in carrying out home home equipment to the countryside right now after, it has been detected in a timely manner, and introduced a collection of research. Wang Kailiang said the survey, many farmers subsidies to reflect the proportion of 13% is "utterly inadequate", hoping to increase to 20% -30%. The case for the price ceiling, Wang Kailiang that each appliance to the variety and prices of goods are limited to one hand, the choice is not benevolent to farmers, on the matchless hand is not conducive to the sale of goods. "Is to ascertain some new tools?? home appliances such as not to limit the variety, not the unalike goods price ceiling, characteristic requires a household to purchase the maximum total amount of household appliances, also subsidies." To ensure that farmers responsibility afford, rural areas with affordable home appliances, province provincial Department of Commerce has plans to propose a higher authority, the appropriate items to improve rural areas access Yunnan appliance standards of financial subsidies, besides to buy TV Farmers laptop disposed three to 5 years of cable television subscription and installation subsidies since the acquire of refrigerators, washing products, household electricity for 3 years subsidies.

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