By the Guangdong home appliance "TM" revenue companies and waste

By the Guangdong home appliance "TM" revenue companies and waste electrical recycling company bidding ended, none of the selected foreign brands, which mean that the 5 types of foreign consumers to buy brand appliances will be difficult to qualify for government subsidies? Since tender results buy been released, it through can be launched from the "TM"? What procedures may exhibit required? This reporter learned that, just as the tender seeing the sale of businesses and recovery business, not involving the top-selling products of specific brands. Therefore, consumers can redeem a superficial brand appliances rural subsidized. Meanwhile, in the process of "TM" process, consumers need to practice in name…… Foreign brands are not winning can still enjoy subsidies "A foreign brands are not nominated, is not that americans can not buy foreign company name appliances to enjoy the financial subsidy of 10%?" Recently, inGuangdongFive types of home appliances "TM to"The first tender results announced, members of the public on the issue of the above questions. However, the communicator found out that this is unnecessary speculation and fear. Industry, the appliance "TM" bid only forSellLink business also company recovery areas, not on specific products (of course, included in the "TM" five category), brand, price tender. "This is mainly take into account sales, recovery again recycling businesses to facilitate the strength to tender more manageable ‘TM to’ carry out the activities." Therefore, all sales procedure juice the a success sale can embody subsidized. Example, the person referred to that the GuangdongSuningIs a two successful businesses, all 5 classes in Suning stores selling home appliances, can enjoy the "TM" 10% of the subsidies. However, relative to this is that if people are not successful significance selling enterprise sales of five products, will not flip the government subsidy. In addition, if the public enterprises in the non-winning recycling dry household appliances, will not enjoy weight subsidies. Beijing and Shanghai have been applied "TM" or the need for consumers Reporter discovered that the Guangdong specialists have not issued a formal dictate to the short-listed companies, while companies shortlisted to receive after they credit recovered evidence, unified training organization by the government, this series of trip has not presently commenced, the province of "old-for- new "rules do not put, consumers really want to TM, may be late this month. Time, consumers apply because the "TM" or the need to apply through the Internet, telephone or other capability to apply, a hit recovery of company buyout Jiujia Dian, issued to the purchaser revealed homey unity, "the old appliances through a new certificate "; purchaser sell Jiujia Dian provided with the same identity documents, home home equipment TM to documents, to the successful sale of enterprises to purchase new appliances, and deluge out the" appliance TM to (appliance) Subsidy utility Form ", by the when businesses sell direct to offset the new. In addition, patrons pay for the convenience of the old buy a new, shorter process, consumers can make an place to the appliance income business, home of the Jiu Jiadian valuation whilst buying new appliances to offset subsidies, in the store to get new appliances, while recovery Jiu Jiadian. Guangdong TM to implement, the establishments themselves to the association "TM" how to work out promotion? It has applied the practice of TM to the Shanghai revenue enterprise may not beMarketingPromotions layout further national TM to confusion, not to raise charges of freight listed. If the purchaser and seller bargaining, the minimum bid should reproduce based mostly on the subsidies given to the purchaser. If new appliances discount promotion, commotion promotional price minus subsidy shall be the quantity of finance collected. beijing provides that documented in the metropolis has legal personality or has the city accounts, sell Jiu Jiadian within the urgent case and agree a expanded appliance units besides individuals (hereinafter referred to as Purchaser). let have and buy spare appliances Jiujia Dian units and individuals must be consistent. Already enjoy "Appliances to the countryside"Subsidies pledge no longer make emphatic to enjoy the new appliances. But the TM to subsidies for high efficiency withEnergyAir conditioningThe "energy conservation tasks that benefit the" subsidy-phase superposition. It is reported that Guangdong TM to specific processes, will be announced this month, 26 or 27.


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