By Sherry Morse and Sarah Wahlert

By Sherry Morse and Sarah Wahlert

European league (EU) agricultural ministers consider finally agreed to reform their forty 5 – year-old, fifty billion dollar farm subsidy program by means of cutting incentives due to farmers who produce more food than can be sold and eaten on the continent.

The agreement was announced after sixteen hours of talks in June, during which France and far cry countries wanting to preserve the current system worked out complications with opposers, such as Britain and the Netherlands.

Opposers credit blamed the accepted program for allowing the EU to shot competitors and squeeze outermost producers in terrible countries by dumping the surplus on the universe market.

EU member states will continue to pay production-based subsidies for up to forty percent of beef production and up to twenty five percent of cereal crops.

In place of incentives, the EU will offer a fixed tribute program based on the length of farms (with limits), not how an awful lot farmers produce. under the simple system, eighty percent of EU farm subsidies go to twenty percent of the largest farms which is believed to encourage environmentally damaging intensive farming.

The increased changes will be phased in over the path of the looked toward two years and will also come with cuts in the subsidies given to farmers thanks to products such as milk, butter, grains and stimulus whilst their market price falls below minimum levels.

Portugal was the only country that did not approve of the too many agreement, but land Agricultural Minister Herve Gaymard said he was happy eclipse the deal which would keep the money inclined to France about the same as the current system.

Greek Agriculture hold down Georgios Srys said, “This is an historical decision now the future of European Agriculture.”

This new program is expected to endorse Europe€™s position at world field talks which will take place in Cancun, Mexico, in September.

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