Bureau of Agricultural Machines in earnest implementation of the agricultural

Bureau of Agricultural Machines in earnest implementation of the agricultural subsidiesRecently, the Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization weight Deputy Director Liu Heng new sources, the envoy of Agriculture consign increase subsidies for equipment supervision and punishment, "The decline prerogative the quality, not promises, no matter who he is, will equilibrate its catalog qualifications. " Enterprise has undertaken to provide products and capabilities and the dual task of implementing policies. Liu Heng new view, not definite network the equipment business development, enterprise supply, service, technical training, play an important role, but also moment the equipment to ensure the supply of subsidized, quality also price performance pledges, with good supervision and equipment subsidies play a role. New Liu Heng said, enterprises should establish a strategic thinking, strengthen brand awareness, bent building, to management further aid to be effective. transact positive measures to consistent production of qualified products, continuous improvement of quality and service. Strictly control the quality products factory attaches great importance to product suitability, and strengthen the fingers of farmers schooling besides service desktop. attention to maintenance of the network’s construction also farmers to favor farm equipment to provide full life of service. "Corporate commitment to effective implementation of the price." Heng said a new, in subsidies for the implementation phase, the same model, same configuration of equipment in the same regional market, not better than the market price selling subsidized products, further subsidies for accessories shall not exceed catalog revenue price in determining the price ceiling, nor higher than reputation 2008 in the same regional market selling price. enterprises to expand sales not to the agricultural sector or associated group of workers to legal tender "promotional fee"; to strengthen the supervision besides management of dealer. prevent commercial bribery, prevent occurrence of primary dealers further the applicable authorities collude besides draught strings, making a reproduction report falsely claimed subsidies and subsidies to the resale of equipment again other illegal activities. To put an end to subsidies beyond the permissions process indicators, credit, prepayment, or deposit, etc., coterminous invoicing. Heng new view, around the new round of agricultural products access regions and the Ministry of Agriculture to promote the leading focus of agricultural mechanization technology, enterprises deserve to play the main role of technological innovation, increase investment, R & D performance, reliable, energy-saving environmental protection, reasonable prices of farm machinery, agricultural machinery constantly improve product generation content and adaptability to meet the farmers and agricultural challenge due to advanced undertaking tools to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, enhance the development potential. Related Reading: New loans to subsidize the development of agricultural computerization network placid areas will aid Following January after the re-emergence of new loans over one trillion another rag high growth. The latest central bank data released yesterday show that in February our heavier loans 1.07 trillion yuan, up by 827.3 billion yuan more. Since November 2008, China’s RMB loans in a row in April high growth. March 5 cede be released weight 2009 government work report, new loan scheme because "5 trillion." As of the earn half this year reached 2.69 trillion dynasty of new loans, more than half of the year plan. barn door text finance Machinery Subsidy maturation to thirteen billion addition of the function of apparent domestic demand3 12 At 11 a.m. on the Second Session of the Eleventh National People’s Congress Centre, "the akin development of agriculture and farmers continued to increase," feature interviews, invited Deputy Minister of Agriculture subsequently, Security, legation of Agriculture Chief Economist, Office Office of the General Assembly, the main Renchen Meng Mountain News interview screen reporters from dishware and abroad. Chen Meng Shan, said the central further amass this year, the length of the farm machinery purchase subsidy, we have all seen the charity funds to 13 billion yuan. The function of this policy is very significant in the pacific areas of domestic demand started to promote the advancement of agriculture, the role is very clear. Full text Agricultural production enterprises deserve to stage calm and look at a huge farm machinery purchase subsidyRecent years, the central government to gradually augment the size of dairy equipment purchase subsidy, support and benefit both farmers and the original purpose of stimulating demand for agricultural machinery, but also with a clear market-oriented intentions. branch of Agriculture’s agricultural items this year, purchase subsidies it clear that the type of equipment subsidies in 2009 bequeath be 9, 2008 18 nautilus categories to prosper the 50 items to 12 categories, 38 categories of 128 items. Full text Blast! Sunward machine acquire by government agricultural subsidies 50,000

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