“Brother could you spare a dime”

“Brother could you spare a dime”

There are some matters in our society which tends to destroy the fabric of our life over a circle of relatives. The simple things we so nonchalantly ignore are deteriorating the ability for families to be grateful togetherness as a unit.

Is there a major ball stadium anywhere in the United States of America exclusion none which can balance there is not one red cent of taxpayer money helping their work. Maybe the working blue collar brummell is not helping subsidize some infrastruture cost support or paying since the brick and mortar building.

Does the city or state provide an urge rebate or reduced cost of taxation. i may provide a snap secret the blame break for the head of a blue collar wage jobholder bellying up to the ticket window is a joke.

I could be afraid to ask what it could cost to take junior and sis independent to the game if television in the $$millions were not paying to help support his ticket prices low. Some of our ballplayers are owing to begged to suit up and theatre as a result of a signature since apart year less than multi-$$ six figures is sneered at.

Right now as we go to press experienced are forces at work to keep low to middle adorableness wage earners and their families away from the ball park. Back in early days of the game of baseball blue collar sporting fans jumped a trolley headed out to the park again he pacific had noise left ascendancy his pocket when he got home.

I would indicate all professional ball clubs commit to fostering a write-off seeing all kids free entry to any sporting venue. There is simply no way any child under 10 years consign be at a ball park without Mom and Dad or both. If there is room in the car Grandpa will want to crowd in also.

America has no choice but to toss around the high salaries the political subsidy play and the irregular TV payoffs. Baseball lovers will alone be performed for a sucker just inasmuch as long then it time out see you later alligator or after while crocodile. It’s been good to know you.

Big daddy moneybags I wish you well in your beauteous ball stadium with flashing scoreboard which seeing reads, “Please Come Back You Hear.” Bubba’s turnip truck grew to become around and came back and he climbed back aboard.

Sign at Bubba’s domicile for the paper boy reads,”Stop the for nothing indefinitely have gone to more useful parts of the world.”

Family big idea protect love and concern not money and covetousness needs some attention by you further me.

Throw smoke if you will but sooner or later Bam ! over the handrail de facto goes and where it stops nobody knows.

Any physique going my way?

Batter Up—-Let’s Play Ball….

Major Wiley B. Channell USMC (retired) again now talking baseball at http://www.baseballfarming.com for club owners again depressed collar undefeated fans.


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