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br qionghai br bringing br carry apparent the work whereas the past year br br rural areas continue to regulate flow of the market subsidies steadily simplified procedure the current rural customer market the nimble growth of consumer appliances as of hike 31 2010 only the city br accord br to the geographical region products 30 168 units cases the amount of 109 3 sales important quantity of eleven 36 reward among them the sales of 22 097 units pieces sales amount of 38 33 cash subsidies to the amount of 4 5 sales br car br 603 units the amount of 32 01 sales cash subsidies to the amount of 2 61 million yuan earnings br motorcycle br 7468 units the amount of 38 96 million dynasty sales the amount of 4 25 million yuan cash subsidy first quarter sales of to the nation-state products eleven 008 sets items sales amount of 39 19 meg yuan the amount of cash subsidies to 3 82 million yuan br br to further stimulate the farmers to acquire household home equipment to the countryside products enthusiasm municipal bureau of trade bureau of finance to take effective measures to promote bringing domestic appliances income first 2010 february 1 to february 28 carried out in the city quot bringing home appliances month of awareness quot publicity month period 26 vehicles were deployed publicity times and in depth administrative villages outline farms tree farms posting quot buy household appliances auto products know quot 1 100 release quot policy of home appliances to the countryside to answer quot cd rom 150 suspension under appliances more than 60 unruffled banners hold appliances to the countryside platform advisory activities two thanks to more than 600 farmers to answer difficult questions second a substantial increase in product price ceiling appliances to the countryside according to the legation of finance ministry of commerce strain and information technology department of the spirit of the document guide enterprises to hand-carry increase the organization to improve limit market after the sale of home appliances to the countryside to pluck the demands of farmers to settle third policies to expand the scope of home appliances to the countryside beginning from february 2010 the city bin murayama chinese farms dongping farms dongsheng farm east red farm the east is uncommonly farm south permanent farms poorly wilderness bai shiling forestry workers covered in the scope of subsidies for home appliances to the countryside to implement this work municipal bureau of commerce afisr of municipal finance in depth exhaustive the relevant personnel sales network revise relevant measures to guide the monopoly to be sure that dairy forestry workers in sales outlets on the spot to get a financial alms fourth to ensure that the fixed payment of subsidies municipal financial bureau actively raise funds and directly assigned to cities finance capital subsidies to be certain that subsidies paid in full in the shortest feasible juncture to address central flow difficulties sales outlets income of individual reputable outlets really as a result of of financial difficulties financial departments of the first part of the subsidies earmarked finances for working cool

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