< BR> In the future, Taiyuan, an agricultural accounts and

< BR> In the future, Taiyuan, an agricultural accounts and purchase subsidies classAppliances to the countrysideProduct of all personnel, and subsidies will exceedingly shorten the time to honor: the application of 12 working days after the subsidy, you can say so the account of subsidy is credited into account. Currently, the city has contemporaneous allocated the first batch of 5.5 million yuan subsidies, nearly 30 million was cash to purchase farmers. This is the city Finance Bureau yesterday notified.<BR> Payment occasion speedAccording to the province in March <BR> promulgated Interim Measures on clout appliance provides subsidies to rural areas, subsidies to farmers to purchase household home equipment to the countryside product category, it should appear as the highest economic report to the township, after the adoption by the audit, submitted to the county important department, county economic sectorSellNetwork input information, and finally by the central advert hoc special funds accounts, the subsidies paid directly to the purchaser’s savings account. application from the purchaser, to get subsidies, needful 30 working days.<BR> Further improved by the numerous policy, farmers grease unruffled areas to buy domestic appliances, all subsidies to the declaration, reflection and disbursement of all financial departments to complete via the township level, software procedures, after a 12 working days you can check whether subsidies credited into account.<BR> Enjoy the four-year period<BR> New undertaking also fictional existent clear, the province government subsidies farmers enjoy a time of home appliances to the countryside this tour on February 1 to January 31, 2013, a period of 4 years, the products subsidized by the "national home appliances to the countryside Product" tenderTVRefrigerators (including freezers), etc. for a stamp out of nine categories.<BR> Options to expand<BR> This time, authorities also home appliances to the nation-state on 9 classes of items price cap has been keyed in order to increase consumer choice. Nine classes of products price ceiling home equipment to the countryside are: 3,500 yuan color TV, refrigerators (including freezers) 2,500,Mobile1,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan washing machines, air-conditioning 4,000 yuan, 1,500 yuan a storage-type dynamic water heater,Gas Water Heater2,500 yuan, 4,000 yuan solar soak heater, computer 3,500 yuan, 1,000 yuan microwave oven,Cooker600.Increase in the number <BR> Buy<BR> New regulations through each type of subsidy per household products marked purchase amount does not top 1 unit (items ) of quantitative restrictions, keyed to each household for each class of products up to the purchase of two (pieces), or a extirpate of nine categories of products per household maximum acquire of 18 sets (pieces) subsidies class home appliances.<BR> tackle basic declaration<BR> Friends of farmers to purchase household appliances to the countryside products 3 days later, importance exemplify quarters township (street offices) to process financial subsidies to declare procedures also materials to provide the following four categories: purchase of products also a copy of the original invoice, the invoice in the set although the basic conditions specified goods, the purchaser deserve to carry the name and ID number; purchaser id (identity card, including unique and the money owed of the original), no identification, household registration shall be issued by the public assumption management certificate issued via the original; home appliances to the countryside product-specific identification card; buyer savings passbook (special e book is available character subsidies), no savings account should impersonate neighborly toFinancialInstitutions to drive a savings account.<BR> Consultation hotlines<BR> Township where the method of financial reporting procedures, shall be promptly reviewed. Subsidies get not meet the conditions to mean suggested; meet the subsidy criteria, since friends of farmers applying now subsidies from the date of 12 life should be allocated subsidies to farmers in a discount rates account. Friends of farmers are against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, we found selling fake goods offenses, the sales should be consulted while they inroad problems, complaints and reports, can find the local competent commercial departments (economic zone by the cordial Services agency); direction encountered problems recipient subsidies, may find the marked financial cut; product quality complaints can call the Provincial Trade and Industry Bureau 12315Or provincial 12365 Tel.

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