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< BR> <BR> distinction old and increased standard<BR> click here to view all news photos<BR> EnergyAir conditioningProjects that benefit theIs preparing a new round of adjustment, press yesterday (February 7) was informed that the also energy efficiency standards for air conditioning has been examined and the national standard committee because approval, no accident, then, will sell for officially announced in March.Last year, companies are busy clearing inventory <BR><BR> "Air conditioning energy efficiencyThe new standard entry threshold is the prevailing energy efficiency standards for two, "the Chinese Institute of Standardization energy efficiency labeling Wangruo Hong, deputy director told our reporter yesterday," This rote is currently awaiting the ceremonious evaluation of National Standards Committee, released. "<BR> Reporter learned that the new posture conditioner energy effectivity standards will be divided recreation three levels, the latest two energy-efficient products (energy efficiency ratio of 3.2) will ripen into the new standard in the three energy-efficient items also movement efficiency adduce a product (EER 3.4 ) will become the new standard character the two energy-efficient products, and the new standard in an energy efficiency will be a new standard, energy efficiency ratio of 3.6. Specific program is expected to be formally announced in March this year. By then, the current 3 to five air-conditioning products commit no longer allow the drill andSell.<BR> It is successful that the earlier air-conditioning industry, there are enormous differences between the new standards, through the adjust of 2008, ChinaHome AppliancesAssociation dispatch to the national standard committee that if the standards to two, would the average cost of a single notion increased via 10% to 20% mass inventory of the number of air-conditioning businesses will also be a fatal blow.<BR> But after supplementary than a year, incomparably air-conditioning business inventories had been cleared, and a husky augment in the striving process the proportion of energy-efficient products, reduce production costs, the implementation of new standards commit not be done owing to before to a great deal of pressure on companies.<BR> 2 prices likely to increase energy efficiency set conditioning<BR> Adjustment of energy efficiency standards are being carried out without delay affect the energy-saving air-conditioning subsidies. As the energy-saving air-conditioning projects that benefit unusual due to unparalleled further two energy-efficient products, further the new criteria will propose two into three, that the present two energy-efficient air-conditioning subsidies will be abolished, and the existing a subsidies whereas vitality efficiency consign also be narrowed.<BR> Last June 1, the represantative of Finance, down home Development again Reform Commission startedProjects that advantage the energy-saving productsOf two energy-efficient air conditioning for every 300 to 650 yuan in subsidies, an energy-efficient air conditioning for every 500 to 850 yuan in subsidies, subsidies allocated directly to manufacturers, producers according to the normal promoting price less the fiscal subsidies on the price to sell.<BR> Su NingChief Operating Officer of guangzhou Gu Wei pointed out that the feat of subsidies, energy effectivity is now a mainstream product prices generally fell 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan, any even as low due to some one thousand, two energy-efficient mainstream prices are generally within the 2,000 yuan. Gu dynasty that the two energy-efficient products subsidies abolished, its selling cost will buy for boosted.

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