BeforeSolar water heaters"Bringing home appliances"Nearly a month. However, newshounds from

BeforeSolar water heaters"Bringing home appliances"Nearly a month. However, newshounds from the state Department of Commerce, in accordance to information obtained that, since theHome AppliancesSince rural areas, solar stunt industrySellShare predominance addition to individual brands, the eld did not achieve the expected growth. Visited a accommodate of solar motion in the store, the reporters found that while some companies successful production of standard household appliances to the countryside, but because of its inadequate distribution channels, etc., so far, not been "home appliances to the countryside identity card", again small enterprises to "direct subsidy" potential "good enough just to", leaving this to the "happy" flavor of rural market has changed.Mo appliances to the countryside to be "Subsidy" stored the presupposition Reporter interviewed found this element of the domestic appliances to the countryside and mismated business issues as distribution channels, while May has been successful in bringing home appliances business, but strikingly of them engagement emblematize achieved in August after the "bringing home home equipment identity card", now can not sell "home appliances to the countryside" products. Therefore, the cooperation of some enterprises dealers affirm a "direct subsidy" approach to win over consumers, when consumers buy the product, the distributor in accordance screen the "home appliances to the countryside" 13% of the share of component of the money returned to the purchaser. Through this means, the individualistic stress of "direct subsidy" in the present of kit to lure the interests of consumers, businesses and distributors in order to increase the sales share in the short term; What is more, the production cost is lower by way of mettle products, the price level to carry foreign "direct subsidy," "shoddy" to get the difference. The author believes that reason, "home appliances to the countryside", the first lead to bring the latest method of impact, whether consumers agree with company recognition, or 13% of government subsidies stimulate interest, " appliances to the countryside, "the dealer brand will play a inbred position. credit the absence of ID cards, dealer’s interests would be directly harmful, and this part of the company and distributors to make sure their concede interests, they hesitate to dupe the consumer behavior to achieve their allow pursuits. For this reason, many companies continue to operate its distributors in order to guard the vested interests of vendors would not hesitate to walking a refined by the way, with "direct subsidy" approach consumers to sell their own products. When interviewing process, the reporter found that any consumers to obtain "subsidy", the view on the dealer also "bringing home appliances identity card", how to win "13% of epitomize subsidies", the request, but are method providers to "not get id cards now" carrell the past. And through the writer discovered from the Ministry of Commerce, the May 24 solar "home appliances to the countryside" after the successful results, after which the products could have been equipped veil the assign identity card. Look for appliances to the nation-state "iron status" prerogative fact, reporters learned, no identification classify for the dealer, they enthusiasm to allot identity card manufacturers. These solar energy "appliances to the countryside," the successful companies, the real a hit circulation of the subject is rare, because of its poor process, delays in product tidiness to identification cards issued. This made a class of dealers playing a "direct subsidy" of attention, and made such fools of action. Reporter found right through the interview, Haier is equipped harbour the appropriate identification card. Is precisely because of this, "home appliances to the countryside" has just begun, Haier solar energy will be sold at the country’s ace "home appliances to the countryside," SolarWater heater; From solar energy "home appliances to the countryside" being the origin of its "home appliances to the countryside" products, market share has additionally been tied for first place. I again remind the consumers, different from traditional home appliances, solar water heater sale appetite professional installation, commissioning, auxiliary expenses as great as several hundred dollars, inferior accessoriesFittingToPrice warProvide space, which is great for civil consumers, the hidden hazards. Therefore, I hope that consumers look because when buying products, "bringing home appliances," Identity Card, this is allowed to enter the solar rush home appliances to the countryside of the "iron status."

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