Banking Bureau, Qingdao besides Qingdao Municipal Financial Bureau, Qingdao Municipal

Banking Bureau, Qingdao besides Qingdao Municipal Financial Bureau, Qingdao Municipal Rural Credit Union conception ” Appliances to the countryside “Financial endowment process, making the minimum payment of financial subsidies to 5 monthly to finish perfectly received by farmers. While effectively making certain the security of funds, making the” home home equipment to the countryside “policy has been further optimized. further process to make “home home equipment to the countryside,” the date of desirable financial subsidies Reporter that, “home home equipment to the countryside” policy since the implementation of the procedures cumbersome to practice for financial subsidies, this policy is to honor a wanting time the main “bottleneck” has invented the farmers to buy “home appliances to the countryside” products enthusiasm and “appliances to the countryside” policy implementation effect. Jimo City Court in Village Yangchun Feng told reporters impact January this year to buy a refrigerator, up to now did now not receive subsidies, mainly running around highly a whole lot trouble, as the 200 subsidized scrutinize besides time is not worth riding. View of this, Qingdao Banking Bureau under the guidance of the china Banking Regulatory Commission to actively promote, on weekdays adumbrate the local financial, financial and trade sectors, innovation “appliances to the countryside” financial subsidies flow, financial subsidies will be paid time this year by way of the Ministry of Finance 4 subsidies on simplifying adjective requirements issued within 7 days, pinched to a minimal 5 minutes to complete. Recently, communicator Yatai appliance shopping experience Jimo Liu Jie Cun Village, Longquan Town, Li Feng, the instance before the day prior to this she become here to spend 2,499 yuan to buy a Haier Refrigerator , Rural credit cooperatives access the street immediately receive endowment 324.87 yuan appliances to the countryside, this, again today to buy a captivating Air conditioning Two days of the subsidies more than 600 dynasty. She told reporters: “the presentation of my kissing cousin bought a color TV, highly much trouble because of the subsidies did not buy ‘appliances to the countryside’ products, I try this convenient and affordable, so after wheat harvest to buy Taiwan LCD TV . ” innumerable racket permits farmers positive adjustments have lured place in consumer psychology. Jimo City, who lives in the new Village of Liu Guixin, am I fitting bought a Haier refrigerator, immediately get the subsidies, the afternoon again to engage a Hisense television. Buy a house in the county he lived before his home town since the subsidies to finance the running times, further than a space before they journey down. The feel forasmuch as easy in the afternoon they bought unaccompanied. He said the city is now the envy of friends in the rural family accounts. Just bought subsidies in the windless credit cooperatives Jimo area village shop across town pool Zhenyu told reporters: “This policy is the country has given us the money, further the discount cheap are two different things, affordable and worry, buy today Washing machine Went on to accept 258 yuan subsidy was very mirthful. ” “Appliances to the countryside” financial subsidies to ensure economic security of the further process Qingdao Banking Bureau, Qingdao “appliances to the countryside,” Innovation is the process of financial subsidies will be provided hold April 2009 by way of the Ministry of chief Sell consequence agency audit, review township finances and payment of subsidy programs, adjusted for the financial sector in the rural credit cooperatives stored subsidies from the motionless Credit Cooperatives company audit again payment subsidies, financial sector after the review process to confirm the subsidies. further process to solve the existing problems effectively, the prime advantage of greatly reducing the subsidies paid not only case but also to ensure that the farmers security of personal information and financial resources. Appliance financial subsidies to rural areas is characterised by a new process: First, the introduction of rural credit cooperatives review mechanism on behalf of fat. The indicative subsidy program eligibility by the financial department again farmers, and asked Financial Agencies the money disbursed to the peasants, the augmented process is given the right to review the qualifications of pacific credit cooperatives subsidies, placid credit cooperatives bury their own technology and information, coextensive as second-generation identification card identification device, such considering household savings data reported on the financial subsidy data points tips expert recognize to ensure audit reputation and efficiency. Second, from the religious audit passion the financial side supervision and survey afterwards. forward the liveliness of the embassy of Finance provides subsidies for rural finance branch is responsible for subsidies from the information audit report, the new program adds financial departments monopoly charge of rural admission cooperatives to discuss the audit results, ensuring the constitution of subsidies compensated. Third, to introduce accountability and compensation mechanisms. Qingdao City techniques require financial subsidies to the countryside home appliance sales outlets in the country finance department must deposit a specified pre-existing rural credit cooperatives, special sales information used to compensate for enter error and the loss of financial subsidies. In addition, the Rural hope Cooperatives signed a cooperation agreement hide the financial sector, rural credit cooperatives essentially defined once-over scope, responsibilities, rural credit cooperatives for review and action due to mistakes caused by the loss of economic subsidies, rural credit cooperatives will bear the loss.

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