As the temperature gradually increased, air-conditioning Sell Start into the

As the temperature gradually increased, air-conditioning Sell Start into the season. Two days, the important metropolis Home Appliances Stores to increase passenger flow, passenger circulation in this call there are sundry consumers to take the last train home appliances apiarist subsidies. Learned that from June 1, the State development and Reform Commission energy efficiency standards for air conditioning and associated farmer subsidy amount has been adjusted, the extra adjustment no longer only increases the commencement through backed products, but also significantly reduced the amount of subsidies. Shrink 70% of the maximal subsidyIn the "high on the adjustment business Air-conditioning to promote financial subsidies Policies "in that subsidy policies to promote energy efficient air conditioning from June 1, 2010 onwards for a further year, the central government will sell for the new energy efficiency standards for energy effectivity zap 2 and major products to continue to consign subsidies implementation deadline to May 31, 2011. Subsidies range of items rated Refrigeration volume and the following model 7500W. The other policy, the amount of subsidies incomparably diminished, the maximum premium of 70% shrinkage rate, the original two energy-efficient products is a new three energy-efficient items subsidies abolished. Rated cooling capacity less than or equal to 4500W new one, extended subsidies for two products were 200, 150; rated refrigerant is greater than 4500W besides 7500W less than or equal to the new one, bounteous subsidies for two products were 250, 200. Suning Appliance belief conditioning sales manager selling for Jiang Xingfeng inspired to reporters mentioned an layout in energy efficiency percentage was 3.46, Haier air conditioning, for example, price of 2849 yuan, an energy efficiency consistent with current standards, can enjoy the 550 farmer subsidies, after its subsidized price of 2,299 dynasty. The June 1 after two of its compliance with the new bustle efficiency standards, subsidies into 150 Huimin enjoy the subsidy price of 2699 yuan, the price increase over June 1 400. narrow the price difference with the inverter air conditionerIn fact, as early due to March this year, as copper, aluminum, steel and other steel prices of cutting materials, comprehensive, copper consumption in the position conditioning had a better price increase of about 10%. Yesterday, newshounds Suning, Gome, Yongle and other home appliances stores that many buyers admit rushed to purchase air conditioning before the suggestion alter. "Our house has Decoration buy most been short of 3 air-conditioned room. After the implementation of the augmented policy to pony up heard much less, and quickly got here to see. "Considering the price difference uncommonly much, Mr. Chang, who lives in exploration backyard the day prior to this under a single catch. Jiangxing Feng told reporters that since last June 1 after the implementation of air-conditioning subsidies for Waste Management, air-conditioning unit fell on average by 15%, mainly focused in energy-saving models, and the New Deal on June 1 this infinity next the implementation of energy-saving air conditioning cost increases rate will complete 20% to 30%, and the difference between the inverter air conditioner further reduced, "the original energy-saving air-conditioning and inverter air conditioner price contrast between 700 yuan, the irregularity will be reduced after the implementation of the New Deal 100 ~ 200 yuan." impending topics: Yushu earthquake HVAC pull in action!4 7 Day? 9, China Refrigeration spectacle Web residence Watch melody HCUpcoming Events: 2010 5 28 Day? 29 May 2010 in Guangzhou, dishware devouring pump, solar Fair Heavenly respect the cut thereupon you get to vote Automotive Award

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