“Appliances to the countryside” strain ID playing cards are sealed

“Appliances to the countryside” strain ID playing cards are sealed weight the box, the farmers have to acknowledge electric appliances out of the box to view, use the card number can apply for subsidies. Farmers have to unrivaled electrical gladness home, then took the id identify to apply for subsidies store. If living in faraway areas, inaccessible, and from the tolls bequeath be able to offset the bestowal. 2009 3 26 Reuters: “Bringing home appliances”Generally welcomed by farmers and businesses, but in some places, the purchase, subsidies besides other specific areas is not desired enough, affect the policy effect. One in Anhui ProvinceHome AppliancesDepartment of device operation, “home appliances to the countryside” sales record book, on 12 January to four March 37 registration information, only sextet show as “subsidies”, accounting for 16.2%. Currently, only 24 sets of Fuyang City, the nation-state home appliances subsidies in place. Such a situation, mainly due to the relevant departments on how to hand-carry the farmers to consider inadequate. Such for “home appliances to the countryside” Product id cards are sealed in boxes, the farmers have to shake on electrical appliances out of the box to view, to aid the card number apply for subsidies. Would have been complex to resolve this problem, as long as the store is direct to help the buyer to open the box engagement be sealed again. Unfortunately, hugely few shops restraint obtain this, first electrical lead farmers to gaiety home, then took the identity card to apply over subsidies handout. If alive mark remote areas, inaccessible, and from the tolls will be able to offset the subsidy. “Appliances to the countryside” is to increase the rural market, rural consumption and revise the animate standards of rural residents. However, the inconvenience caused to farmers to buy home appliances reflected connections the implementation of policy in some locations only accept as true with the sale, did not expect convenience, the results farmers lack the enthusiasm to buy, sales do no longer increase, the effect of policies is naturally far. good a some years ago launched Liangbu policy, also command part to get the money to farmers struggle to discover. The economic slab was the invention of “one card” budget to directly subsidize farmers in the financial institution card, is quick and effortless. This shows that the departments concerned as long as the implementation of policies in PWM caused enough attention, mostly for the good of the people, the problem can be solved easily. In the “home appliances to the countryside” product design, manufacturers burden apply for subsidies of the necessary information printed on the box outside, and so that farmers can purchase at a glance. In the purchase links, sellers can use the market toAppliance creation ExpoSold to farmers are busy aquacultural seasons to save circumstance. Or simply a direct dispensation payments will appear as deducted from the bid cost by the economic sector and enterprises in the settlement of subsidies so that farmers enjoy the benefits immediately. Present, cars, motorcycles and other goods are joining the ranks of the countryside, the center of these policies is that preferential rural subsidies. Departments need to be “bringing home appliances” based on the more convenient to consider initiatives to improve the efficiency of subsidies paid to enable farmers less problematic. Only string this way, these activities can hold benefits for farmers, businesses have to market, the Government hearts of the people.


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