According to the Ministry of Agriculture statistics as of June

According to the Ministry of Agriculture statistics as of June 30 all provinces autonomous areas and municipalities has a central subsidy funds for 8 43 billion dynasty accounting for the central government has issued 10 billion presentation funds 84 3 Agricultural machinery The implementation of subsidies because the purchase of expanding domestic demand adjust the structure promoting growth maintaining stability and prepare a positive contribution br br 1 the effectiveness of agricultural subsidies to a significant acquisition br First acquire greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers network the central financial subsidy policy driven by farmers this year purchase machines with enthusiasm purchase increased significantly The perfect half of this year to part with equipment more than third 95 million pieces sets reaping rewards further than 1 81 meg households Significantly speed up the progress of implementation than in previous years around the habitual Beijing Shanxi Jiangsu Fujian Guangxi Ningbo Qingdao subsidies have been used up city Anhui Jiangxi Henan Hunan Shaanxi and state Production and Construction Corps of the implementation of subsidies progress over 90 According to the Ministry of Agriculture survey this year 39 s demand for subsidies flowering to 5 8 1000000000 gap br br Second increase the level of rural machinery and equipment to speed up the bag of agricultural mechanization The highest half of the national gross agricultural equipment is anticipated to deliver 850 million kilowatts an increase of 8 From the architecture of subsidies for equipment rice transplanter harvester grain harvesting machines tractors and other large and medium large number of food production machinery respectively 40 300 units 2 43 million units 36 400 units and 190 200 units four categories of products use of subsidies reached 5 44 billion yuan accounting for 64 5 of funds have been implemented Machinery in agricultural production subsidies show an important role in further raising the level of agricultural machinery During this year 39 s spring creation plowing sowing machines levels higher by 0.5 4 and 0.33 5 percentage points drought in the spring drought machinery played a main force accumulated funding of drought again ensure the spring tube equipment 8 226 000 sets 2 02 million mu of irrigated area to execute drought times quot Three Summer quot during the national wheat harvest combine into a total of 440 000 units an ensue of 2 meg units over the previous generation to complete an area of 2 63 million mu Xiaomaijishou machine income level 84 over the previous year by nearly 1 percentage points Integrated mechanization level of the year is expected to increase by 2 percent points to 48 br br Third the promotion of the agricultural industrial development led the corporate employment Agricultural subsidies in the purchase of pull the choicest 0.5 of the rural machinery industry sales booming relatively incomparable output growth According to statistics agricultural enterprises above designated size 1 5 month of accumulated industrial output value Sell Output value besides export delivery value went up by 23 1 23 8 and 8 1 mark addition to the export beginning price of three indicators continued to plunge the are showing a chock-full increase One massive and medium tractors greater forty 3 31 11th of september 53 4 increase in combine harvester According to the key business survey part of the enterprise employment increased more than 20 over last year br br Fourth the advanced agricultural technology in all areas In the agricultural subsidy policies to aid the acquisition under the assistance of large rural machinery agricultural machinery Cooperation Social agricultural equipment operators and thereupon the rapid development of new service groups At present the development of various varieties of farm machinery has been operating furtherance organizations 166000 rural machinery favorable is 8622 with agricultural fixed assets of more than 200 000 yuan to 376 four hundred large farm machinery Agricultural subsidies in the implementation of the acquisition but also promoted agricultural sales sustenance training Education Safety supervision and distant farm machinery chemical creation as

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