According to the internal Energy-efficient air-conditioning subsidies, in June 1,

According to the internal Energy-efficient air-conditioning subsidies, in June 1, the state will deliver energy-efficient air-conditioning 300 to 850 yuan / (sets) of subsidies. In the country, driven through favorable policies, 6 months, energy-efficient air conditioning sell Increase rapidly. enterprise to heat, while responding to nationalEnergy Huimin’s call, Suning June 20 the first strong start, “Ice” Lincheng “Summer”?? 2009 Suning Southern mental state Festival, launched heavy air conditioning purchase “five-subsidy”: the national energy efficiency subsidies TM to Subsidies, subsidies for air conditioning package, position conditioning conversion subsidies, hire purchase subsidies, the price of a drop in the end will be mind-set conditioning. First introduced the “Five subsidies”It is suggested that the home energy efficiency subsidies, the state energy efficiency level 2 air-conditioned to give 300 to 650 RMB / set (units) of subsidies, energy efficiency grade 1 air-conditioned to give 500 to 850 yuan / (units) of subsidies, a straight pounce consequence the price of Suning form of expression. TM to subsidies, Su Ning changed into co-oldHome Appliances inimitable to introduce TM to throw in the recycling business, call 4008365365 for career booking, there will be door to the old appliance recycling business valuation, will exemplify to provide consumers lie low the old electrical matching subsidies. The purchase of a new electric air-conditioning kit subsidies, is the pivotal manufacturer Suning work packages carried external air conditioning subsidies as purchase of two or more air-conditioning subsidy ranging from 200 to 400 yuan to Fanquan form of expression. slant conditioning conversion subsidies, Suning combined beauty, Haier, Gree,Pescod, Hisense, Kelon and other really good manufacturers have introduced the frequency subsidies, subsidies for purchase inverter air conditioner 300 to 500 yuan / unit. In addendum to staging subsidies?? Suning United Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, Bank of China further other heptad phytologist that offer down payment installment purchase air-conditioning subsidies, interest rate subsidies, fee subsidies. first-class sale into the certification business skillsAddition to the prices of a drop in the end, Suning action will cool summer notion carnival with more professional activities Service Consumers purchase air conditioning flip over the fastest birth 2 hours to install, free tests, free repairs, emancipate maintenance-free service commit be exempted from the three air-conditioning use to worry about, the Advisory 4,008,365,365 will enjoy moving desktop charges concessions due Concessions, preferential filling fluoride, MIF new wall material offers 4 holes offer.Skills certification in the after-sales service, Suning additionally positive aspects honor, professional skill access to national qualifications. real is understood that the certification mark of the Suning appliance will also enjoy domestic appliances, domestic Electronic, Refrigeration equipment maintenance man 3 skills qualification certification. While Suning has become so far, terrific guidance dishware to obtain the certification of national qualifications first person domestic appliance chain. It is understood that the National Occupational comprehension Testing Authority is approved by the bustle security department established the cause of vocational skills assessment institution, substantial is the professional skill of the grass-roots organizations, and bear the identification of the provisions of vocational skills activities. National household appliances, home electronics, refrigeration equipment, livelihood of three national service skills qualification acquisition, since Suning become the industry’s first entry to national professional skill qualification units.

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