according to the farther Deal introduced subsidies for energy-saving products,

according to the farther Deal introduced subsidies for energy-saving products, to buy vivacity efficient appliances available ranging from 300 yuan -850 yuan subsidy, such a conversion, numerous of energy-efficient products, prices all of sudden pulled outer a large cut, not only approximation of average products, some parallel more expensive than ordinary products. This is a challenge to the home appliance business, a new round of home appliance industry "reshuffle" double time to embark on. Subsidies to support a "soft rib" "-850 Yuan consistent with three hundred yuan subsidy, this is not a decimal." Shandong Gree [30.300.40%] marketMarketingXiufeng section chairman of the board said. He said that the average cost higher than the average product charge around 300 yuan, the prices are commonly high-efficiency energy-saving products energy efficient appliances has been plagued now years of "weakness." home appliances on the market, energy efficiency standard whereas each increase of a extinguish higher than 12 hundred dollars to the selling price on the 67 hundred. To this end, energy efficient products despite the superior performance, healthEnvironmental protection, Has been in China’s market share is no longer high, their market take is only 5% -15%. "With this piece of subsidies, the cost of energy-efficient home appliances the price is almost equivalent to a conventional product, and some may even lower the 12 hundred dollars. And less energy-efficient products energy, power, who do not want to accede? I am sure will lead to energy-efficient productsSell. "GuangdongPescodAir Conditioning Co., Ltd. Shandong Shaozhou Xiang, general manager of product management center said. Shaozhou Xiang example, in accordance hide the "energy saving products projects that benefit the" way of subsidies, the purchase of a Pescod an energy efficiency of a vaporisation hang annex 500 yuan subsidy, the price now buy a low-energy efficient products is almost the matched batch. Moreover, in the path of a year will heap a small dream in electricity. Shaozhou Xiang said, according to one dollar per unit, the user 9 hours per day, 180 days a year to calculate with, the less also than ascendancy the past year to save 680 dollars. Forced enterprises to conclude "There is no price advantage, glum energy-efficient products apparently can not sell. Obvious, the state is the policy of forcing companies to use energy-saving way to go, forcing companies to score undertaking structure, happening energy-intensive products delisting." Xiufeng paragraph respect, "Gree air-conditioning in recent years, sales of air conditioning each year in Shandong 200 million sets, product energy efficiency from 1 to 5 are, 1,2-class air-conditioned high-energy effectivity is much better than the percentage of peers, and only 20%. The state subsidy system was implemented, those with low vivacity efficiency naturally have difficulty pull marketing, manufacturers need to adjust the product structure, to consider that certain products are not removed! " Xiufeng paragraph that, in the battle structure adjustment, the policy is the best propellant. For example, saving energy this matter, the survive countries to consider new energy efficiency ingrained walk through air conditioning level access threshold "5 l 2", but issued a rough draft mindset to the collection of air-conditioning business neighboring the industry led to great controversy. At that time, various domestic enterprises think that energy efficiency air conditioning access to the "triple jump" approach ever fast, further than the current market reality, rest assured suggestions first lifted to "level 3 access," besides gradually transition to the "two access. " It now appears that the relevant image departments to implement new energy efficiency system abnormalities determined attitude. But this is not mandatory to improve the access threshold, but with the energy subsidy policies to guide enterprises to adjust. Apparently, this more effective. Need six months to consummate "However, the adaption will have pain, can not produce avoided, this will lead to enterprise short-term price system existing chaos, to really straighten out, adjust the estimated half a lastingness in place." Xiufeng said paragraph. rife manufacturers are there all the concerns. Combined with "energy-saving items initiatives that benefit the" rules not yet clear, present, most household electrical appliance enterprises are mild cautious waiting to see. 22HisenseBrand Management Group Ltd. relevant adult in charge whilst guidance an interview that because the trick has tailor-made started, the relevant guidelines is not clear, do not know if with "Appliances to the countryside"As required bidding, etc., therefore the moment, Hisense has no specific intention, is waiting due to the relevant guidelines promulgated.

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