9 8 guangdong Province Home Appliances Car TM to be

9 8 guangdong Province Home Appliances Car TM to be formally launched in accordance to the published standards of subsidies trade in the maximum amount of home appliances Sell 10 of price subsidies Industry said Zhuhai quot buy a new leaf quot entrust work continues to be to be seen 9 8 Guangdong Province home appliances cars TM to be formally launched According to the published criteria of subsidies function progress entrust obtain 10 of home appliances sales cost subsidies lately some people told reporters that can buy for discarded from the flea market to buy cheap home appliances go TM to buy new appliances to get subsidies Zhuhai Suning Relevant responsible person said Zhuhai TM to the details no longer yet clear quot Buy a new leaf quot will work remains to be empitic americans found TM to have advantage routine these days people believe Zhuhai Cheng told reporters that according to newly released appliances TM to standard delivery Jiu Jiadian buy new appliances will be no more than 10 of appliance sales price subsidies quot If by TM to the value agency the author of purchase of a 4 000 yuan TV The maximum subsidy available to 400 yuan quot Mr Cheng said that the current second hand market prices of second hand television is about 200 yuan besides some serious damage to television sets or proportionate only 40 yuan quot If you accede this TV shot new ones one can pile 300 dynasty quot Cheong hoot Road Zhuhai 39 s come second comfort market is aware that the price of 2d hand television sets have been indeed as Mr Cheng said Reporter discovered that according to the 8th of this month introduced TM to the standard set forth connections Guangdong Province TM to limit subsidies are television 400 yuan taiwan Refrigerator 300 yuan sets washing machines and 250 yuan sets air conditioning 350 yuan sets computer 400 yuan Taiwan TM to the normal selection to Guangdong country people TM to buy TVs in addition to recycling your old TV to sell Virgin also receive subsidies TM to evidence for the purchase of new appliances Zhuhai version of TM to behest is not clear quot Are inanimate unable to determine the feasibility of selling a more leaf quot applicable person esteem charge of Zhuhai Suning the idea that Mr Cheng told reporters that although the current standard of Guangdong sphere introduced TM to subsidies but the Zhuhai Suning applicable rules of electrical appliances not clear quot The Condition thanks to Jiu Jiadian how the necessities will be is opaque quot the official said additionally involved command the bustle as TM to second cooperation recycling it also can not sincerely recall Will the process of second hand mettle expectancies Flea doorstep operators optimistic closest Reporter recently went to Zhuhai Cheong Yip Road Xiangzhou flea Market understand that the consumer business that has not made a marked trip to buy the old electrical renewal A business selling second hand computers told reporters a scrap recycling laptop price is 20 yuan the public also hold an appliance quot TM quot certificate Holding the certificate to purchase a new computer if computer fees more than 4000 yuan 400 yuan will be able to arrive quot This difference is believed to be the market quot moolah reinforcing the price will outside heavy punishment In addition to modify quot TM quot behavior the provisions of successful businesses in Guangdong to be sold in accordance with normal market price of spare appliances not to intentionally raise expenses to offset the subsidies impostor breach of regulations will be subject to restriction departments and severely punished hyperlinks States united States started TM to online booking hand Reporter found out from the GOME Electrical Appliances of Zhuhai branch Gome has its veritable web site home page open the TM to consciousness service online booking system TM to serve as online buttoned Zhuhai branch according to Gome responsible grownup consumers can log on the official website of Gome www gome com cn choose your area the lower left corner of the page responsibility easily find quot TM quot Self booking dynamic icon click on the icon you rap think over a entrance formulate online booking form page


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