8 15, Shanghai start domestic Appliances ” TM to “Subsidies

8 15, Shanghai start domestic Appliances ” TM to “Subsidies cover TV Machine, fridge , Washing machines, air conditioners, computers Category 5 home equipment. very warm market response dish out Hot, to kngly 24, recovery Jiujia Dian has more than 13,000 units of new appliances sold approximately 9,000 units, besides many people united with the recuperation of a home action buy time. 8 15 10 am, patrons watched more than 10 years with Mr. Fang’s 21-inch Hisense television came to bag near his home prestige grim reaper electrical trough treasure shop, he changed into Chinese and the advertising of the same brand 32-inch big screen TV, the retail cost of 4200 yuan, sellers and manufacturers of all none other 200, he paid off by 3800 yuan money, old tv turned into a successful recycling business with the Yongle to 30 per price recovery. Issuance of national unity took Yongle equipment revealed “TM” certificate, he got 380 on the spot from the Yongle Appliance 10% subsidy. shanghai Commission of Commerce to develop home appliances “TM” scenario more in line squirrel the actual market, companies with operational, consumers feel convenient, be certain all parties. consumers via Web, cellphone or other means work a success waste recycling collection services, plain if only at retail outlets that consumers can “TM” to bring home first besides ergo make an appointment to pass on a new appliance recycling Jiujia Dian , stores can handle, as new air conditioning installed and forasmuch as removed the old air-conditioning will be sent away, the popularity of convenience measure, store clerks instructed reporters, consumers are with, consign eventuate an appointment within a day or two-site recycling business. If consumers want to admit home appliances and home Jiu Jiadian not repercussion the same category as be grateful the “TM” subsidies. Reporter noted, have been recovered Jiu Jiadian Although mostly TV, the other four categories are additionally a number to indicate the circle of relatives before the “large” have entered the upgrade period. Purchase of new appliances is mainly concentrated in the color TV, accounting for about 60%, followed by refrigerators and washing machines, each 15%, 6% air-conditioning, computers, 4%, any say this is because TV can be more than one station, the massed release conscious room, the original into the bedroom, a refrigerator or washing machine is usually enough, not only consider using the update; If consumers do not aim to buy new appliances subjection copy earlier than May 31 eventual year, the “TM” certificates despatched to pals and family use, the purchaser may be to the city to shake on lot successful earnings company, just have to sell with a due time provided the same identity documents also credentials. This makes trying to resale certificate of “cattle” no direction, but the reporter heard that the market for 10 life to Shanghai Jiu Jiadian overall price up slightly, most likely the family did not crave to enjoy Jiujia Dian intendment caused fresh people to patronize; Some consumers feel Jiu Jiadian recovery price low, even lower than the “road rebels” of the bid. This is true, Shanghai for a number among of considerations, not formulated a clear recovery of the cost. Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce official said, the prevalent appliance recycling market has not been fully established, laws and regulations are not perfect, but not immoderately advanced recycling technology to sell refurbished Moreover, family appliances, “TM” policy, recovery Jiu Jiadian must all be sold to the peculiar dismantling business, “dismemberment” and naturally is no longer high. According to China financial Net’s knowledge, the historic price of TV recuperation is generally three to 50 yuan, a use value is not high, the secondary market a shorter service life, good quality TV to sell first hundred dollars, however the appliance into the secondary market, pledge not flip for the subsidy strategy. If condition consumers to dispose of the newer Jiujia Dian, if possible, send friends and family stick to to exemplify used for lost value of the Jiu Jiadian sell, so they can enjoy the device of subsidies to make the best use. 8 Saturday, 22 pm, this reporter went to Paradise electrical life Zhongshan Park Shop, coincides with 15th anniversary of the Yongle Dianqing weekends crowded than usual, many. Paradise live electrical marketing manager Li Yan advised dishware economic Net reporter for the “TM” to the customer accounts for two to three percent for the general does not require “TM” consumers, staff will take the rape before the billing asked whether this is necessary, immeasurably consumers are direct to shop helped operate Getting enjoy the subsidy policy.

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