8 15 morning, Shanghai appliancesTM toWork shop in Wing Lok

8 15 morning, Shanghai appliancesTM toWork shop in Wing Lok Po canal was officially launched. TM to consumers through the home appliance management guidance equipment web page or the website of the city of Shanghai Business Council awarded the appliance 21SellEnterprises besides vigor networks 9 recovery assistance. 8 15 morning, nobble Yongle home Appliances TM to work in the supply was officially launched treasure store. Who lives in the Cuban-American Way of bantu fortunate to steward the first single transactions were: direction 10 years of 53 cmHisenseTV30 yuan was recovered a price and buy the one 81cm Hisense LCD TV. This color TV price 4200 yuan, hold back the actions of retailers and manufacturers to collectively none other 400 yuan, trade-in can enjoy 10% of financial subsidies, or 380, plus the recovery price of 30 yuan, Fang spent 3,390 yuan to a massive TV bringing home a home. It is implied that, according to Shanghai’s "appliance TM to the Regulations," provides that the customer appliance TM to the object have to be registered in the city has legal personality or has the city accounts, sell Jiujia Dian and buy a new appliance units also individuals must be consistent. Before the end of may also next year, the designated domestic appliances sales company purchased a new home appliance revenue by 10% of the price subsidies, subsidies for a maximum of:TVMachine 400 yuan / sets, fridges (including freezers) 300 yuan / sets, 250 washing machine / station, air-conditioning 350 yuan / sets, computer 400 yuan / Taiwan. Canal treasure store in Wing Lok’s site to see the implementation of the appliance TM to the city there are several human characteristics: First, newly acquired products may not correspond with the sell Jiujia Dian, equaling as selling TV machine, you can go to buy computers with TM to expose; Second, household appliances TM to deliver subsidies to the spot. The appliance TM, subsidies paid in offer for successful advertising business, then economic settlement with the successful sale of enterprises, simplifying the procedures; Third, the metropolis did not Jiujia Dian recovery set advice prices, Jiu Jiadian healing from the sell by way of word; Fourth, subsidies may correspond to being TM to efficientlyEnergyAir-conditioning whereas the "energy-saving projects that benefit the" subsidy phase rule. Such a saving inverter air conditioner, trade-in subsidy 350 yuan, 400 dynasty subsidies through vigor conservation projects that benefit both sum subsidy of 750 yuan, bequeath exemplify very inexpensive. Be revered that, already enjoy "Bringing home appliances"Subsidies to enjoy the another home equipment shall not repeat the TM to subsidies. metropolis Business Committee Business Industry Management Department, said, sell and buy farther home equipment Jiujia Dian commotion is very simple, the purchaser through the Internet, telephone or poles apart means to apply, successful restoration of corporate takeover Jiujia Dian door to issued by the purchaser printed national unity "appliances TM to certificate"; purchaser secrete delivery of the same historical identity documents provided, home appliances TM to documents, to the successful sales of companies to buy major appliances, and under the guidance of successful sales business fill out the "TM to home home equipment (appliances) provision returns." Meet the conditions, the successful earnings of companies selling directly to buyers when the new advance subsidies, which is directly deducted from the price of ways to simplify procedures, to make sure that patrons really benefit. City equipment TM to head the working group, said household appliances in the TM to policy implementation process, the a hit bidder shall now not sell all kinds of enterprisesMarketingPromotions policy and national TM to confusion, not to purchase TM to the enjoyment of national policy on the grounds, no longer to enjoy the company of advertising promotions, or increased prices of commodities traded. If the buyer and seller bargaining, the minimum understanding price should be based on the TM to subsidies given to the purchaser of home home equipment. If the new appliances is undertaking a discount promotion, successful sales promotion price discount enterprise shall, after subtracting the amount of subsidies received payment. Consumers through home appliances TM to Management Information System Web site or check the website of the Business ecosoc of Shanghai city of 21 successful businesses and home appliance income outlets 11 desert recycling information.

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