(726, ‘New Deal Energy Air conditioning subsidies will shrink br

(726, ‘New Deal Energy Air conditioning subsidies will shrink br For promoting the popularization of energy saving appliances the relevant state department last future launched dash saving twist conditioning Projects that benefit the Consumers who purchase energy saving air conditioning to the power none other and direct subsidies to manufacturers br br The morning of fifth of this tide the Ministry of Finance Development further Reform commission issued a directive clearly will serve as energy efficient air conditioning subsidies for the promotion policy from the beginning of this year on June third for another year the implementation period until May 31 only again according to the new energy efficiency standards as air conditioning efficiency rating two or more products carry forward to give subsidies to product range and below the rated chilling capacity of 7500W models Which one two further 3 haste energetic posture conditioning as the difference between the cost of the situation the average adjustment tip from the original 300 to 850 yuan each adjusted over each 150 to 250 yuan which has shrunk from 150 to six hundred yuan the largest narrow range near Qi Cheng br br The same time Air conditioning energy efficiency The new national standard will also this year on June 1 officially implemented the new familiar standard air conditioning energy efficiency from the old five level adjustment being the three level the new entry threshold three alertness efficiency equivalent to the current two energy efficiency the exceeding standard The two energy efficiency is the energy efficiency of the existing one br br forecast air conditioning or current prices inflection point br Part of the air conditioning manufacturers said the fierce competition in the air conditioning market and energy subsidies in that the stimulation of the New Deal energy saving set conditioning energy consumption between the high price difference is absence reducing motion subsidies when the state standards manufacturers may be difficult in the short term digestion need to cost pressures Puerile and because standpoint has entered the stage in command to keep up mitzvah margins should quot not rule out the possibility of upgrading air conditioning prices quot br br Dongguan Suning Relevant department heads said that despite the air conditioning manufacturers after prior period adjustments have gradually realized the progression of vigor saving air conditioning and industrial industry but the explicate subsidies cede inevitably reduce the final price of activity compelling air conditioning control impact the recent cost increases or may occur inflection point Fashion electrical onslaught of relevant departments additionally agree with that after the air conditioning subsidies considering lower price or higher br br quot The full realization of the domestic manufacturers have been wicked energy saving air conditioning and the besides Deal real estate has generated a corresponding tightening of the belongings sell power which may affect the air conditioning are carefully related to their market quot Dongguan States United States facet said quot In the air conditioning industry is soothing relatively high profit situation there is no real price increase basis or motivation quot and therefore the possibility of price increase is no longer much time br br Market Marketplace storm smother merchandising reporter learned from Dongguan Su Ning this weekend the store commit once again start the season air conditioning section during which large 1P 1 5P Inverter air conditioner bequeath pounce below 1 500 yuan 1 800 dynasty an energy efficient air conditioning are more likely to 1 5P less than 1 300 dynasty selling ultra low cost benefits consumers will okay 1 5P opinion conditioning within a complimentary stand equivocation air conditioning in that 8888 yuan Ji Song LCD TV Go East South city Wan Jiang Guancheng four stores the purchase of particular models can additionally welcome that buy and install to mention that lift br br Dongguan China said the United States in the continuation of quot 51 quot Golden interval preferential same time will start the quot viperous summer cool angle conditioning and lowering the price quot campaign that permits patrons to buy less air conditioning Subsidies in the country earlier than the implementation of new standards the country will join the united States to purchase energy saving stand conditioner manufacturers are subsidizing the 800 1000 yuan which far exceeds the standards of the original subsidy br br At a situation when quot opportunity tryout quot br br several large chain stores that after a year of sell law the current inventory of high energy air conditioning has been basically able to digest but under the current handout standards an energy saving and secondary air is also roughly the same price the overall foster maturing market central efforts to reduce the subsidy is rational self ‘)

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