(627, ‘Recently the State issued by relevant departments quot added

(627, ‘Recently the State issued by relevant departments quot added Home appliances implementation of programs to subsidize the countryside variety quot show that the existing 9 provinces in refinement appliances to the nation-state outside of subsidized products you can select a new species Learned to finalize the six categories of exceeding appliances to the countryside were Range hood Electric bicycles DVD players vigorous rice cookers gas stoves besides electric Pressure cooker Guangdong consign be locked to new types of rice cooker when consumers purchase price of the geographical region Electric rice praised enjoy the economic subsidy of 15 but the maximum subsidy can not exceed 65 The purchase of two each client This lifetime transfer home appliances products Sell In the context of last moment 39 s hot performance remains strong in the first quarter sales of 31 7 billion home appliances to rural areas growth of 22 of the refrigerator color TV to become the biggest winner bringing domestic appliances category Therefore the state expanded again bringing home home equipment category however the expansion and announced last year is different varieties of home appliances to the geographical region this new appliances to the countryside there were new provinces to finalize the actual situation and at the same time different amount of subsidies for rural areas the animus of home appliances but also was released Which wider varieties is the highest amount of subsidies range hoods the maximum subsidy limit of 338 yuan followed through the go-ahead bike the maximum subsidy limit of 260 yuan while the fuel range electric pressure cooker limits the maximum subsidy of 195 dynasty and 78 yuan DVD players besides rice cookers are a supreme subsidy limit of sixty five Countryside ultimate too many model will additionally betoken the creation models to determine the form of tender This million and beautiful creative and special TCL etc Small appliances company related official told reporters that although the Guangdong was selected being the new rice cooker class but their production of cooker hoods peppy cooker DVD and other products to other provinces were also able to bid they said under the appliance Township added five categories of derisory home equipment trifling household electric appliances will play a significant role in promoting the development of the industry Consumer site or get subsidies quot ultimate subsidy is original 65 rice cooker a bit worried plenty much concern is no longer worth the procedures to follow for quot Lived Lechang Miss Zhu 39 ratio fear may represent the idea of the majority of rural consumers This the Information Times reporter consultation Gome Suning and other supermarkets was informed that currently receive subsidies as playwright cooker temporarily unknown circumstance but consumers buy any appliances to rural areas on pad to provide original identity recognize shopping invoices and appliances to quiet areas product identification make out etc on property can receive a subsidy of 13 According to reports weight accordance with the new operating procedures the province farmers rest assured identity cards and booklets to the specified home appliances sales network to rural areas to the countryside to buy home appliances products sales shops first Proxy Vetting of whether americans purchase subsidy conditions as soon as the subsidies over farmers meet the circumstances of purchase and revenue outlets for the farmers to invoice on the spot the relevant information into the computer expert equipment and related documents be returned to farmers then 13 of the amount of the invoice the invoice value of goods is not higher than the curb calls for successful price ceiling on site advance to the Purchasers in full subsidies even though farmers on site fill out the quot home home equipment to the countryside of state Province to apply whereas financial subsidies to the diet quot After the purchase of items farmers can close it ‘)

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