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5 Wednesday, 12 March Eve Lunar also infinity in that early as 9:00Appliance News REVIEW > Subsidies through energy efficiency the indeed number of each make up a large shrinkage 600 > Introduction of 3D TV unmarketable love wins industry standard voice> 3 chinese companies want to sue uk gigantic international panel> Small appliances soymilk Industry: the formation of an oligopoly structure> Lack of after-sales home appliance industry standard warranty blind comparisons> photo voltaic humidify heaters generally concerned about the details of the integration of design> Refrigerator industry: high-end market, electric competition in a comprehensive upgrade> Three products shocking to see, if you are 55-inch TV recommendationsNews Focus: Subsidies over energy efficiency the most embody of each make up a massive shrinkage 600 Abstract: Related departments Air conditioning Manufacturers of energy efficiency subsidies from 1 June this year been extended for one year, but the highest standard by a 850 yuan contribution adjusted to 250. squirrel the represantative of Finance “on the adjustment of high Energy Air-conditioning to promote financial subsidies Policies “announced that a insert of air-conditioning manufacturers, air conditioning prices scheduled. Detailed Related Reading: Energy subsidies in June to substantially hard up prices of air conditioning at least one p.c Tell the truth: 3d television unmarketable need wins industry commonplace announced the right to speakAbstract: Continue LED tv Internet television is able to immersive 3D TV is a flat-panel TV manufacturers to rush a higher product. Recently, Samsung, Sony, TCL, Hisense, Changhong, Skyworth, and contradistinctive domestic TV manufacturers have released a 3d TV products, and advocate for “3D entertainment regard the living room from the theater,” the selling point. However, the relative adulthood of 3D film technology 3D television industry to the movement process is surprisingly difficult. Detailed For UK companies supremacy dishware to prosecute three giant foreign panelAbstract: Recently, the San Francisco court ruled that LG, Samsung, acid again other lcd panel massive conspiracy to fix prices, in that the matter, the domestic enterprises to sue now compensation. May 10, responsible for the circumstances of Beijing, stated the Lehman Law adamant Hao Junbo, three Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises are interested in transnational litigation, and lawyers on the case is currently in consultation and assessment. Hao Junbo said that as a confidentiality agreement with the company side, can not espy specific information about businesses. Detailed Small appliances Soymilk industry: the formation of an oligopoly structure Abstract: “This big-budget publicity input on Soymilk corporations really have made some money the past two years! “Opened network 2010, the most expensive CCTV Gold Advertisement Period more than Soymilk brand flash figure, an industry source told newshounds exclaimed. 2008, by the milk “melamine incident,” the impact of years of Soymilk quiet peddle “blowout.” parlous market to attract a massive number of enterprises, including both Supor step by step, identical brands since well-known small household electrical appliance enterprises. For a time, the rapid expansion of domestic soybean milk industry, were altogether received. Even conversation said, after following the microwave oven again electric stove, small appliances beneath a “gold mine” non-Soymilk must go. According to conservative estimates, the industry, within the next some years will attain 50 million units of production scale.


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