4 billion dynasty from 2008 to 2009 13 billion yuan

4 billion dynasty from 2008 to 2009 13 billion yuan the central Agricultural Machinery purchase of an unprecedented expansion of the scale of subsidies farmers are exhilarated by the history ushered in the best agricultural development opportunities Is an opportunity however also a challenge general commotion procedures to make sure that subsidies to ensure that subsidies are in place to ensure that subsidies advantage all the people agricultural system faces enormous responsibility again a penetrating test Fortunately the subsidies over the implementation of six years has fully proved the effectiveness of farm equipment purchase subsidy to farmers may benefit companies may benefit the government was the people agricultural systematic pressure considering the driving spirit withstood the protest of responses to produce the beautiful Subsidies benefit the name more and deliver benefit to a bottomless reaching Subsidies 6 caducity at a glance Implementation of the nearly 6 years the farm machinery purchase subsidy structure in optimizing equipment recovering the level of agricultural development stimulating agricultural industry and promote the regular development of agriculture and farmers reach to augment the role of significant inconsistent both the workers and peasants alone stroke more efficient First raised the level of agricultural equipment farm machinery and equipment contributed to structural advancements 2004 2008 the central and marked government organized a total of 12 sixteen 1000000000 yuan rural subsidies of which 6 97 billion dynasty central budget subsidies subsidies to purchase approximately 225 million sets of farm machinery farm machinery and equipment level of the nation has improved considerably National farm machinery and equipment in 2008 the total reached 822 million kilowatts up 36 3 being 2003 particularly the much needed medium sized agricultural production a substantial ensue in striking performance agricultural machinery agricultural structure has been improved Maintain large and medium tractors in 2008 reached 2 995 million units upping 208 over 2003 transplanter reach 199 600 units 2 35 times more than in 2003 corn harvest to reach 47 a hundred units 10 5 times more than in 2003 second is to enhance the raze of rural operations to speed up the agricultural science and technology Since 2004 the familiar mechanized farming income level of an average accrue of 2 5 percentage points even though 2003 years ago 4 years in fact did not increase 2008 farm income nationwide integrated mechanization level to reach 45 8 basically the full mechanization of wheat As the integration of agricultural agronomic package accurate production deep application of fertilizer rice cultivation dry farming advance tillage besides some other advanced agricultural production technology in huge scale measures to promote agricultural science and generation Third cultivate the market players and advertise the industrialization of agricultural services support companies in all types of agricultural operations the total number of agricultural households to 37 6 million up 22 over 2003 Agricultural Marketing Service socialization industrialization deface further Fourth to promote the advancement of agricultural industry agricultural machinery market sell very well Concentration of agricultural products higher accelerating the pace of upgrading 2008 rural companies greater designated size reached 199 5 billion yuan industrial output value an increase of 31 5 As a central policy of benefiting the agriculture an important part of the implementation of six agedness of subsidies the free rein and intensity raises every year greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers to grow grain thus comfortably improving the level of agricultural development and vigorously promote the rural machinery industry and agricultural service industries for the development of modern cultivation and promote agricultural efficiency and farmers income played a quot small but powerful chain quot effect Substantial increase in subsidies this year the Central which is implementing the Third Plenary Session of the spirit of 17 the practice of constructing a modern cultivation is an urgent passion for Financial ingenious domestic demand in rural crisis is additional positive internal drive farm machinery purchase subsidy policies have been the height of the party and state leaders recognized On December 10 last year Premier cyst Jiabao of the State Council executive assembly said implementation of farm machinery purchase largesse policies for increasing agricultural mechanization snuff out stimulating the development of agricultural industry has an important role domination promoting economic growth is a serve multiple purposes deep welcomed by farmers and seemly business policy In the December 27 2008 and held a central rural work conference Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu also in recent years the snap development of China 39 s agricultural mechanization achievements and purchase subsidies gave high businessman to the effectiveness of policy implementation

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