Appliances to the countryside
“Policy is the activation of the rural consumer market countries, promote financial growth is an important
Policy, since inception, the majority of rural consumers as well, however some problems have appeared. For a long time, ”
Home Appliances
The countryside “subsidies is complicated, the the nod is not ideal has become a identified fact, it is pragmatic as impeding” appliances to the geographical region “to promote one of the important reasons. However, this situation will speak for higher quality in future. Yesterday (April 1 ), the reporter learned that, with the province’s “home appliances to the countryside
Network ingredient to observe and quote “the full implementation of the way, Linyi has begun on the” home appliances to the countryside “direct subsidies, consumers predominance rural places to buy home appliances products, operative documents directly backed.

Subsidies is complicated annoying

“Home appliances to the countryside to accede items it very affordable, but the fashion is very troublesome.” Cost the monarchy side towns string Central Village Zheng told reporters. 2009 “11” Golden Week, when the Central Zheng bought a “Going down”
She told newshounds that 13% of the native subsidy is very affordable, however truly operate, they found that there are too many observance to act as done. “Buy your product, craving to first register the information store, and therefrom in 7 days, count on to put on the invoice, identification card, identity card, residence e-book and other documents, copies, to the account where the financial sector reporting subsidies. Subsidies money is not able to win the spot, also need to provide bank card, and in consequence think to run banks can take money, too much grievance. “Zheng recalled in Central, force order to get 179 yuan subsidy, wench ran a few times before also after the finance and banking, beside another half a month before we could get, since then, she is no longer a great shot to buy domestic appliances to the countryside.

A huge home appliance stores moment city areas, a shopping guide told the reporter, “home home equipment to the countryside” since the full implementation, does attract a lot of rural consumers, but the cumbersome procedures for payment of subsidies, many people “discouraged.” “In the past subsidies, and as little as 7 days to more than 15 days, some consumers do not have time or the road as far to be easily receive subsidies, almost every person who buys a ‘rural areas’ appliances customers will complain about the subsidies end too much trouble. ”

1 day consumers receive subsidies at once

chief subsidies to calm locations to alter the efficiency of home appliances, capital of Shandong Province on the subsidy payment strategy to make gigantic changes, starting from April 1, the full implementation of “sales fixin’s mark to apply and advance” approach. Yesterday, reporters from the Golden eagle Shopping Centre, paddy bridge appliance comestible learned that the mall has signed appliances to rural places of Finance Disbursement of subsidies agreement, the rights and responsibilities on both sides were provided, and this is the first awareness of Linyi City, home appliances countryside control subsidy of the store. Golden Eagle bridge appliances shop chop chop paddy Xujing Li pointed out that the current mall has produced “home appliances administer subsidies to rural areas in particular prompted Form”, detailing the procedures for appliances direct subsidy, but also to prepare a sufficient liquidity to make spreading funding, the public cede take cover immediate effect charge enjoy the convenience of direct contribution.

It is understood that feat of the “charge d’affaires to apply and advance sales outlets,” after the manner of household appliances to the countryside of motionless consumers concede products, sent home attached the product can hold id card, residence booklet and product identification cards, sales invoices directly to the sales outlets to apply for subsidies, the material reviewed by the sales outlets on interest of the economic sector. Sales Network After checking, the invoices that meet the conditions, further subsidies directly to the smear to advance to the purchaser. The money department will be settled on a regular basis and sales outlets, home appliances to the countryside for the last two days per month subsidy beans settlement date, shall not process the subsidy techniques. For bland consumers, eliminating the need for home home equipment to the countryside apply direct subsidies honorarium swear by to beat the financial sector, bank of trouble, just to provide valid files to practice for sales retailers will be able to win the cash through the post.

“Eliminates the burden of frequent errands, commit further stimulate the farmers to purchase household appliances to the countryside products to friends enthusiasm.” GE appliance store manager mickey Bridge shop Xuguang Wen informed reporters, “With the implementation of subsidy policy, I accept as true with bringing home appliances products will usher magnetism a new round of sales peak. “simultaneously Manager Xu also reminded the April 1 domestic appliances to the countryside to buy products, and close information recorded in the mall but not to the local finance departments audit procedures customers within one week to the finance department to apply for subsidies as soon as possible, so as not to produce needless problems.

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