2009 9-11 26, our city Home Appliances TM to Started,

2009 9-11 26, our city Home Appliances TM to Started, the people selling the Jiu Jiadian designated recycling companies, and then to specify the store to clinch new household appliances, obligation enjoy 10% provision. Six months, the city has nearly 3 million appliances to welcome the subsidy policy, involving Sell Amounted to over a hundred and twenty million yuan. TheHuimin meaning also suffered embarrassment, many family members of the public to take no Jiujia Dian subsidies, specifically to the secondary market to acquiesce Jiujia Dian, unexpected boom in second-hand home appliances, especially second-hand TV Machine tout. City Branch Trade and Industry afisr said the letter, this is not allowed, but there is no control means. Used television as “Qiaohuo””You concede use, or TM to?” the day prior to this (March 25), the people of West Road network the home appliance recycling points, a reporter asked the old tv to customers as price, earnings staff reporter first asked, but. salesclerk instructed reporters recently that innumerable people are power order for TM to subsidies and a special trip to buy the old TV, “a few days ago a person purchased 6 units at once.” “Those who can not watch TV, glum price and is particularly easy to sell, anyway, is used TM to, but always conclude more than 100 yuan.” Finally, the salesperson advised a communicator had “senile,” the 21-inch Changhong Television, and demand price one hundred fifty yuan.In Greenwood part next to the flea market, the communicator interviewed several income Jiujia Dian businesses, but less difficult to discover a hundred old TV, and the number of old TV does not have many. Mention of home equipment TM, unusually familiar with the business performance: “the kind of bad tv is now outermost of stock.” Wang advised reporters the public two years ago, in order to layout for the condo house, daughter bought a Old 21 progress Matsushita TV, spent only 80 yuan, “good quality, are now also still be able to see.” Second-hand TV seller Li instructed reporters, trade-policy driven developing the cost of second-hand television is a fact, but the prices modest, “also tens of dollars.” reputation addition, prices are not absolutely because of this policy, rising chicken feed expenses have recently played a leading role, “there are a lot of TV copper.” However, Lee additionally admitted that second-hand TV in particular is “very bad” television more tight, real. Reason why only “pet” the historical TV?Lee these days went governmental electrical appliances set stores buy a TV, a salesperson told him that if sharp is an old TV at home, may enjoy the TM to the subsidies, up to buy a new TV charges up to 10% offertory a maximum of 400. When he learned that Mr. Lee is no TV at home, the salesperson would recommend him to the flea market to buy, and sell them to designated recycling companies, after getting certificate onus receive subsidies for recycling. Lee TM to know the policy, but the leading to know so a bendy approach. “You want to buy an old TV also more than 100 yuan, but magnetism commonplace the cost of the new TV more than 4,000 yuan, so that you get the maximum grant of 400 yuan,” to count the old TV and subsidies to buy the difference between, Mr. Lee felt a good deal. In home appliances TM to policy, television, computers,Air conditioning , Washing machines, refrigerators The five categories affiliate of home appliances are classified as subsidies. Policy makers also highlighted, out of a bathing machine go buy into a new air-conditioning, can still enjoy the subsidies, now not limited “to the old A refilling A”. But the interview, understand the situation is that many people keen on the historical television in exchange since subsidies, while the old computer, old set conditioners, old washing machines and old fridges have not been wanted after, prices become matching. A concern business aspects to second-hand home appliances including the secret: “Now TV is LCD, again regular CRT TV that not many people willing to use. But the old computer, ancient air conditioning recovered some of these repairs can then higher prices into the market, so the old TV is relatively cheaper price. “there are americans that old tv removal easy, this is one reason. Moreover, equable if you really want out of computers, air conditioners, etc., do not want to sell directly to the designated recycling companies, because the price is too low, “I sold to the general collection points, and therefore recognize an old TV for vouchers, which also lucrative of.


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