12 1, the “home appliances to the countryside” to extend

12 1, the “home appliances to the countryside” to extend it to 14 provinces, beginning on February 3 next year across the country, the feat time of tentative four second childhood. Farmers to play ball television , Refrigerator (Freezers), Mobile , bathing machine 4 products, in accordance to sales price of 13% for economic subsidies. Enables home appliances to the countryside 480 million units, may boost spending 920 billion yuan. (Dec. 1, “Shanghai Securities News”) do a “home appliances to the countryside”, the real objective is not to benefit farmers, but to “maintain growth.” Report made it very clear to the world financial crisis and changes in domestic and foreign situation, the feat of “home appliances to the countryside”, to expand domestic demand, especially consumption of rural markets, as China’s wearisome “capital growth” an urgent task. thanks to early as the square one of last month, Chinese vice Chairman of the Committee of Home Appliance Hong Shibin said in an interview, “‘appliances to the countryside’ again as a result of of the global financial crisis, pushed to the outlet above the waves, the reason is because the financial crisis caused in exports, while stimulating domestic demand has become a household electrical appliance industry breakthrough being all. “gave away the secret, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Industry also Information Technology organized by the” home appliances to the countryside, “Do not help the home appliance industry” breakthrough “? The “home appliances to the countryside,” the peasants to buy colour TV sets, refrigerators (freezers), cell phone phones, washing machines and four products blame be 13% of sales price for financial subsidies. For farmers, color TV, refrigerators, washing machines described as “appliances Big Three” to buy these products they will consult with. This “appliance Big Three” a lot of power, the refrigerator in the rural areas who do now not check multifold vegetables Lay the ground there, eat on the way they pick, plus a lot of power outages in rural areas are often purchased not practical, washing machine even impractical, because there is no running water in most rural. So, even if “home appliances to the countryside” to really stimulate domestic demand, nor should deliver the class of appliances should be bought disregarding of what appliance gave subsidies to farmers. In fact, in addition to TV, mobile phones, the Fan , routine conditioning , Water heater And some Small appliances Such as razors, products take to iron can also be fresh affected via the peasants. The government or either enterprises or not to wait until the product unmarketable sole consider of farmers. The nation-state is a vast market, the key is how to open up this market. If the “home home equipment to the countryside”, but Bianzhuofaer groove on the pockets of farmers, the poor electrical sales to farmers, and finally the damage or the enterprise itself. The so-called “once bitten, three flies apprehension well,” the future of your exercise is better, they might not buy. So businesses should not only make certain quality but also good after-sales service. Defects, to timely repair. However, far off mountain villages, precisely the service’s problems, if they can not sustenance up, governments and enterprises show great crave again so the farmers may not mean expressed to buy it on. I guilt not imagine the government to thrill domestic demand, why subsidize farmers to purchase family appliances only to deluge? treasure of equipment, clothing, electric motorcycle, motorbike is to stimulate domestic demand does not it? If farmers have subsidies to acquire building components to better promote the new rural construction. 13% of the gift is not much, but not small, 1,000 yuan for farmers to purchase household appliances will additionally be 130 yuan subsidy. My worry is that a lot of clout subsidies, domestic demand Quemei pull, fill a nigrescent hole or private subsidies swallowed. Farmers venturesome purchasing power is not strong, the most important thing a farmer’s pocketbook drum no. not to name 13% pittance is to get more subsidies, farmers have enough money, or hip domestic go over can no longer. Thus, subsidies to purchase appliances, subsidies whereas farmers to buy additional than needed considering the development of production quality seeds, fertilizers, farm implements so that they can increase endeavor. Farmers rich, naturally better life, and then expand domestic demand.

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