10 20, Bozhou city Department of Finance officially launchedBringing home

10 20, Bozhou city Department of Finance officially launchedBringing home appliancesNetwork advance control subsidy program, which means that farmers in the purchase of the geographical region in the futureHome Appliances, You onus get directly from the merchant that 13% of subsidy payments. Previous drawbacks subsidySellNetwork, and then the bills sent to rural finance, financial audit is accomplished the promised 10 days, and payment of subsidy bills. "Said 10 action days, but friends of farmers tend to expect a month or even individual to receive subsidy payments, and even failed to get any central from the number of times, this will give some farmers receive subsidies. "Qiao Chengqu 18, said a staff member town, township finance staff much less work and more routine, and sometimes because the public key of the city clerk, then the farmers, we will be Baipaoyitang. "In addition to staff shortage, concern and divergent reasons, rural finance staffServiceAwareness, and work position factors prompted us to change the past subsidy procedure. "Municipal Finance Bureau staff said," drag the past, individual managers excuse employed lock up work, affairs also make things difficult for farmers, some farmers pick up subsidy payments for alone day, meaning managers often give meaning, which seriously mock the brainchild of the government. 13% subsidies to businesses to advance according to reports, the feat of home appliances to the countryside network Bozhou direct subsidy program, farmers entrust buy home appliances to the countryside products, simply submit to the earnings outlets booklet and ID card (or public security certificate issued by household management), product identification cards, invoices, and sales network besides then bring off a "direct subsidy payments on behalf of home appliances to the countryside to apply being funds to bequeath know-how of attorney" can obtain product directly from the revenue price of 13% of the network of economic subsidy payments. income outlets consequence the products impressed within 3 days of home home equipment to the countryside importance the suggestions management gadget enter information, and every week with the liquidation of a centralized location of finance. This changed in the beyond via the farmers to purchase household appliances far from metropolis or city to receive benefaction payments to the practice of simplifying the procedures for the masses, the direct payment rate increase subsidies. Illegal deal disqualification "Bozhou being more than 600 esteem appliances to the countryside, according to the deployment of the city, county and fold in the future will as it should be collect the number of outlets to facilitate the broad loads of peasants to purchase home appliances." Municipal Bureau of trade Market crack Leader that the current fixed Bozhou sales network storage appliances to the countryside full ally of home appliances, the price as the factory in uniform price, will not be subsidized on the behavior of expenses. Special meeting held not long ago, the metropolis government indispensable the financial, business, economic commission, price, tax, business, quality operate and auditing of member units, and earnings network administrative areas to conduct random checks on agency review, and hide domestic appliances to the nation-state management information system data comparing the data for abnormal behavior or suspected fraud shall promptly fill the verification of the existence of fraud was inaugurate cheating behavior of the network up, cancel all judicious appliance sales outlets to hushed areas. Implemented since prolong December, "home appliances to the countryside" since the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the financial Bureau of continuous improvement and excellentChemical industryFor processes, accelerate cash subsidies, capital subsidies have been accumulated 14.32 million yuan to subsidize the "home appliances to the countryside" products fifty nine 377 units, subsidized rate of 75%. As of now, the city accumulated sales of home appliances to the countryside products 79,158 units, sales of 146 meg yuan.

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